Шакира с сыном Миланом отметили Рождество

Shakira, footballer Gerard Pique and a little son pair Milan celebrated Christmas. Obviously, 11-month-old boy was upset about something. Dad managed to shoot the son and the beloved to traditionally put in Twitter with the comment:

Cute… All a merry Christmas!!!

36-year-old Shakira copied facial expressions crying son, so they are very similar to this funny frame. Now the singer of Colombia enjoys free time with family and write a new album.

In February 2014 it will again become a mentor in season 6 music show “the Voice”.

The son of Gerard and Shakira held a Christmas party for the first time in life. on December 26 he was taken to the great-grandmother of that boy gave the Caga tio – hero Catalan Christmas mythology in the form of logs with carved eyes, a nose and a wide smile. Yesterday the Peak of his beloved went to the Louvre in Paris, that the football player also instantly laid out in a social network.

шакира и милан
Shakira and Milan

шакира и пике
Gerard Pique, Shakira, Milan and his gift from great Caga Tio

шакира и пике лувр
Shakira and Gerard Pique in the Louvre

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