набор для домашнего педикюра фотоToday electric sets for pedicure considerably facilitate a life to modern women. They allow to save time and money for trips in beauty salons. Today there is a large selection sets, pedicure, for every taste and purse. Professional shops and online stores offer many sets of mechanical and electrical, for home and professional use. So if you decided to buy such a device, read the reviews and do your research.

Electric set for pedicure

Electric set for pedicure for home use, as a rule, compact and inexpensive. He has poor capacity, although it is now appear more powerful machines.

электрический набор для педикюра фото

Standard kit home pedicure and manicure contains several different nozzles and drying lacquer. Reviews say that this appliance should be selected with a higher power.

набор для аппаратного педикюра фото

A very popular and easy set pedicure firm PED egg consists of a device resembling a drill and a 10 nozzles to him. He is powerful, compact and costs only about 500 rubles. These devices are buying the majority of women. Even if you are not satisfied with the result of domestic hardware pedicure, and you return to the beauty professionals, the money you will not be sorry.

Set for hardware pedicure

Set for hardware pedicure salon level has higher capacity, big size and high price. The cost of such professional devices can reach several thousand dollars. Cabin devices come with a built-in vacuum and without it. Built-in vacuum cleaner greatly affect the cost and size of the whole apparatus. But it can be purchased separately as a small stand. This vacuum cleaner is to collect all the remnants of sawdust and skin.

аппаратный педикюр набор фото

Set for apparatus pedicure and manicure acquire not only in salons, but also home of the wizard. This machine allows you to make professional pedicure right at home. But it requires certain skills, so you should trust his legs to professionals. Master pedicure, working at home, can have the same equipment and great experience, but the cost of its services may be less than in the cabin.

Drill for manicure and pedicure

The drill is designed for professional manicure and pedicure. With the help of various attachments happens polishing of rough skin, calluses and corns. Can be shaped nails, process rollers and ingrown toenails. This drill has high power, usually it is used in salons. For home use there are more simple and cheap device. The cost of such drills is not so high – it starts from 2000 rubles.

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