Modern living conditions, low level of public morality, many provocations, both in society and in the family, that’s a drop of what can lead to the crisis of family relations. During such a crisis, family warmth and comfort become not joy, significant other annoying her behavior that used to bring pleasure, now just annoying. There is no comfort not only in the house, but there is no mental equilibrium.

Проблемы в семьеThe specifics of such a state is different, because every family is different relationships that affect different situations, and of course different individual characteristics of each participant of these relations. Each is different features, because every person is an individuality, with their psyche, anxiety, suspiciousness, childhood, parents, and their vision of solving problems.

Of course, this cannot but affect the picture of the relations, and understand all these problems at times not just difficult, but impossible. And in all of this cycle, partners live and work in a closed circle, in response, as they think the other new stimuli, although in fact it was them.

Психолог решит проблемыHelp solve the crisis of family relations – help family psychologist. Specialist in this field of psychology focuses on identifying the defects in family relations. Family psychologist necessarily help find a way out from the crisis situation through the realisation of their wrong reactions, actions, and accordingly the settlement of the conflict, turning to the right behavior.

In consultation and psychotherapy, your doctor will help you work out the inevitable problems, such as relations between parents and children, conflicts between all members of family relations, alienation, lack of desire. And such trivial issues as relationships-in-law and daughters-in-law or son-in-law and mother-in-law, is also being worked out with the help of family psychology.

Детский психологThere are quite often situations where family psychologist need a family in which aid is needed not adults, and children. This situation, when the children do not want to go to school, a kindergarten, a conflict with peers, or become, unbounded parents. In cases where family relationships save, there is no possibility or desire, but the family has children, who need both parents family psychologist help build civilized relations with his former spouse to divorce was not final and irrevocable.

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