Sally Hansen отзывыQuality decorative coating for nail – Deposit beautiful manicure and well-groomed hands. And if stunning shades successfully combined with a health effect, this nail Polish is simply no equal. In our case we are talking about varnishes Sally Hansen, reviews of which abound on the Internet. On the website let’s talk more about this brand.

Sally Hansen: the history of the brand

In the United States brand Sally Hansen has been enjoying great popularity among women who want to look beautiful, but do not forget about the health of your nails. It is this factor should look for when choosing a care, no matter for therapeutic purposes or as a decorative coating.

A brand in the late 50-s of the last century. And since then she successfully develops and grows, delighting in their products all the ladies. As the food Sally Hansen, reviews of which have long praised the quality and safety of this brand, are, one can say, revolutionary technology, successfully combining beautiful coating and complex. The development of this innovative complex and began the existence of the brand.

Initially, the company’s range of products has only been presented with colored lacquer, to which were added later, funds allocated for the growth and strengthening of the nail plate. Next, have joined the professional tools for pedicures and manicures, as well as skin care products lips and hair removal.

If you have problems with nails, for example there is the sinuosity of a surface of the nail, here>>> you will find good advice about how to deal with it.

Sally Hansen отзывы

Sally Hansen отзывы

The assortment of the company Sally Hansen

Today the assortment of the company Sally Hansen impresses with its diversity and give an opportunity to choose the product that will help in dealing with the specific problem of the nail plate, providing the perfect cover and lasting results.

Currently under the brand Sally Hansen produced several different series of products:

  • Age Correct – series skincare hand, nail and cuticle. The basic difference is the rose oil, which is part of the products. These tools not only nourish and moisturize the skin, strengthens the nail plate, but also prevent the development of the first signs of aging.
  • Diamond Strength – a series of products with diamond-coated nail strengthening, as well as products for the care of the lips and cuticle. In this series represented a huge range of colored varnish with a diamond radiance.
  • Maximum Growth – based tools vitamin complexes, as well as with silk proteins to accelerate the growth of nails. In this series, every woman can choose for themselves the means for care of cuticle and nails, as well as decorative coatings bright and colorful hues.
  • Teflon Tuff – line of products based on PTFE with water-repellent effect.
  • Beyond Perfect tools for hand care, cuticle and nails on the basis of natural silk proteins and lavender. Also here you can find a nail Polish remover high-quality and decorative coating of gentle pastel tones.
  • Hard as Nails – based tools proteins silk and nylon. In this series presented a palette of protective and strengthening of nail Polish and other care products for cuticle and nails.

Separately on the website it is worth noting Polish remover brand Sally Hansen, feedback and full of enthusiasm from their use. Unlike competing brands, the brand launches Polish remover not only without acetone, but with a health complex. The following means of four types:

  • for any type of nail
  • for sensitive nail plates
  • for brittle and dry nail
  • for soft and thinning of the nail plates

If you are interested in brand ORLY, you should read article that will tell you every detail about the products of this company.

Sally Hansen отзывы

Sally Hansen отзывы

Feedback about the tools company Sally Hansen

This approach to the improvement of the nail has interested many women, prompting experience the tools of this brand. Special attention was paid to nail lacquers, however, other funds were also tried. We want to give you feedback about these tools brand Sally Hansen.

yula-la: «I have chosen: take lacquer Sat Хенсен Salon Manicur – very cool, the color is not trivial, and the most convenient – large brush, so that even the bright lucky not you have to correct at the base».

Hysterics: «Means for strengthening nails «Green Tea + Bamboo» from Sally Hansen is a good base!»

Tatty: «Diamond tonic for nail from Sally Hansen – Diamond frustration… Not nice.»

Heather: «Nail Polish HD HiDefinition Nail Color from the company Sally Hansen Nail sequins, dries quickly, durability three days. In General, the lacquer is not bad, he is a convenient brush, it dries quickly : the first layer is a minute and a half, the second seven minutes».

It can be noted that the reviews about the company’s products Sally Hansen variety. However, in most cases everything depends on the proper selection of the assets according to the type and state of health of the nail plate. Only in this case can be bude get a chic manicure and healthy nails.

Sally Hansen отзывы

Sally Hansen отзывы

Sally Hansen отзывы

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