Dye your hair, and then to cut it and after some time to dream about long hair — corny, but typical of every other. But what to do when the locks refuse to grow up or stop at a certain length, speaking stubbornly, it’s time to grow. When the course is heavy artillery. For example, masks for hair growth.

In order to improve the growth of hairis to use a few different ways, preferably at the same time. So, do not forget about vitamins for hair growth and special shampoos for hair. These funds will help to improve the appearance and condition of your hair and its length. A hair mask will fix passed.

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We’ve found you a few win-win options for hair masksthat you can make at home. And not to spoil your lovely hair.

Mask with ginger and butter

Ginger is known for its properties to improve blood circulation and stimulate the immune system, which makes it very useful when talking about hair growth. And the oil will protect your scalp from dryness and irritation.

You will need a tablespoon of sesame oil or olive oil and spoon of grated fresh ginger. Mix the ingredients until a homogeneous mixture and apply on the scalp massaging gently but vigorously and massage. Keep about half an hour. Rinse hair. Not suitable for oily hair.

Mask with honey and onions

Helps to grow very long hair quickly. RUB on a grater onions and add a little honey. Better it does in the ratio of one to four (honey and onion). Apply the mask on the scalp and RUB it into the roots. Keep in about 45 minutes and after that rinse hair with warm water. Use a mild shampoo, but with some kind of odor that your head did not smell of honey tat.

Nourishing mask with oils and eggs

Quite a strange combination, but quite effective. You will need a tablespoon of olive oil, egg yolk and a teaspoon of brandy. Add another spoon of honey and a little henna. Mix until a homogeneous substance.

Apply the mixture on hair and cover them with a film, take about half an hour after wash.

Mask with cognac and aloe

An interesting combination that will help to grow hair Rapunzel. Take a tablespoon of aloe juice and a spoonful of honey, add a tablespoon of brandy. Mix until smooth and apply carefully as the mixture will be too liquid. Gently with the eyes (take care not to hit). RUB the mask and massage gently and wrap hair in a warm towel or foil. Hold 20 minutes and wash with shampoo.

Mask with garlic, lemon and honey

You will need a teaspoon of lemon and honey. Add another spoon of agave juice and garlic. Apply to wet hair and hold the hair for about 40 minutes. Cover hair with foil or a towel to increase the effect. Rinse with warm water, but without shampoo.


Also see helpful videos that will show in detail and tell how to make a mask for hair growth.


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