российская профессиональная косметикаThe demand for professional cosmetics is growing all over the world – this tendency is impossible not to notice. An increasing number of women regularly visit beauty salons, and homes are creams that recommend a cosmetologist. At the same time, a growing need in the Russian cosmetics that for the last couple of decades did not step forward, and has made great breakthrough. Russian professional cosmetics – area for many completely new, but it is so vast and varied that it’s worth to pay attention.


Worthy of attention

Russian cosmetics industry, worthy of attention of the discerning consumer, still quite young, because stands on his feet unsteadily, and then experiencing side-effects of their nationality. French, German, Scandinavian cosmetics in honor of cosmetologists and their clients. Russian origin of many turns, because they believe that domestic development in the field of beauty can not be compared with European or American. This is a controversial issue, especially in the Russian cosmetics successfully used natural extracts derived from plants, which are difficult to find elsewhere. This is a great reason to get acquainted with cosmetics of Russian origin, especially, to evaluate it in the professional embodiment.

«Alpika – is a pioneer of the Russian cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceutics – region, established on the border of cosmetology and pharmacology, and it means to have an extended range of applications. Russian professional brand, «Alpika» falls into this direction, based on the actions of its funds powerful metabolic processes липосомами derived from environmentally friendly non-toxic plants. This cosmetics appeal to those who appreciate the purity and natural origin of funds – «Alpika» does not use aggressive chemical substances in its composition, its action gentle yet effective. Assortment of cosmetics is wide enough, there are separate lines for anti-ageing treatment, moisturizing, purifying, feed lines, acid peels, Spa products, cosmetics for men, the line of hair.


«Kora» – balanced beauty

«Kora» steadily holds the palm in the field of production of professional cosmetics. Its real advantage in the availability – it not only inexpensive, it can be purchased at any pharmacy network. When creating cosmetics is applied balanced balanced formulation, harmoniously selected ingredients of the cosmetics are those «whales», which underpin its effectiveness. Creams, masks, lotions and other products «Kora» contain up to 15-20% of the herbal extracts, very carefully selected fatty basis that will moisturize, nourish or protect the skin, much attention is paid to the presence of natural essential oils and extracts of natural origin.

«Велиния» – everything necessary for a beautiful body

Beauty salons offer a range of Spa treatments, as well as ordinary customers that like relaxing treatments, body wraps and massages, can draw attention to the Russian professional cosmetics «Велиния». Range pleases with the variety of means for the body: in it there are sugar, salt, gel, algae, clay, chocolate scrubs, creams body, masks, and other means. «Велиния», specializing on release of professional cosmetics, produces as tools for beauty salons, and those that can be easily navigated regular clients at home.


Teana – individual approach

Teana – another Russian mark, producing cosmetics based on natural plant extracts. A distinctive feature of it is that in the range of each woman is able to find a tool specifically for your problem. For example, the Teana has alginate mask a wide range of applications: from acne, anti-aging, tighten, modeling, lip gloss, eye, to the neck, relaxing, nourishing, cleansing and many others.

Concept – health & beauty hair with a German accent

Professional cosmetics for hair Concept made in Russia, but developed by the German specialists. This brand guarantees genuine European quality, which vainly trying to find in the Russian cosmetics, but few of his finds. This professional line includes funds for care and hair restoration, styling and coloring, as well as a hair. The huge advantage of Concept – a low cost, which allows the greatest possible number of consumers judge the quality.

Premium – the elite of the Russian professional cosmetics

Cosmetics with the speaker called Premium started to be issued in Russia in 1994, to its development involved the best experts of the Moscow Institute of Beauty. Currently, the brand that produces medical salon cosmetics, presents in ten lines, offering a wide variety of solutions for a variety of cosmetic problems. It is not only the traditional creams, masks, lotions, but also a means which may be used only by the professionals of the beauty salon industry, for example, the composition of cosmetic peeling. This increases confidence in the brand, which during its existence appreciated by specialists both in Russia and abroad.

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