Among the diverse diseases of the nail plate and bed, special attention deserves such a medical and cosmetic problem as pterygium. Primary pterygium is called influx on the nails the skin, which can grow, covering part of the plate or taking her almost completely.

It is worth to notice that the nails with ridges cannot be corrected by a simple circumcision of tissue as the skin is alive and in the process of growth does not die, so its removal leads to injury and pain. Most often outwardly defect looks like a wing-like expansion, aimed in length, may have a length from the back of the nail shaft and to the upper edge of the plate. Usually the reasons leading to such a defect, becomes a genetic abnormality, mechanical injury of the nail, but often it accompanies other pathologies, being the only one of the characteristic symptoms.

For example, a defect which breaks the scheme of the structure of the nail, is often observed in obliterating endarteritis, sclerodactily, lichen planus, accompanied by changes in metabolic processes at the cellular level in the phalanges of hands and feet. If pterygium is caused by mechanical damage, temporarily changed the structure of the nail, driving further growth will soon return to the usual human standard. In the normal development of the nail plate, the skin captures the plot with a maximum height of one millimeter, in other cases it is possible to talk about abnormal structure. However, occasionally nail skin can grow much higher, up to four or five millimeters in completely healthy people with no abnormalities in genetics or a defect causing the disease.

In this case you should pay more attention to on their own habits, which are an external factor, leading to the fact that the normal diagram of the structure of the nails is broken. For example, a habit like nail biting, negative impact on the development of the nail plate and may lead to a proliferation of the skin and as a consequence the formation influx. In addition, changes affect not only the records, violations are present in the surrounding nail detail, nail atrophy back cushion, the boundary between it and the skin disappears as well as between the stratum corneum and the living tissue. We can say that the skin does not just apply to the nail surface, she literally grows in its porous structure and to displace the conventional methods used in the manicure, it is impossible. Pathology treatment in this case is the surgical methods, but the complex uses and treatment of drug drugs, as well as after the surgery there is a risk of destruction of the matrix of the nail, griscomii croorganisms.

Diseases like psoriasis or lichen planus is also often accompanied by dystrophy of nails, change their structure and development schemes. However, in this case a single surgical intervention will not lead to a positive result – the development of the underlying disease unpleasant symptom will recur. Therefore, a positive effect can be achieved only when treatment of the root cause of the anomaly, with simultaneous correction of the nail defect. Unfortunately, medicine does not know the way to get rid of psoriasis, nevertheless, preventive treatment of the disease significantly reduces the risk of exacerbations, and hence the defect of the nail plate.

If the nail appeared the influx, it is not necessary to resort rasprostranennymi popular recipes, even if they will help, the effect bodenprobetechnik, it is advisable to consult the doctors that solutionwith the cause and recommend the best steps to correct the problem.

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