кольца для ногтейThis is truly inexhaustible imagination of designers! It would seem that may be common in fake nails and rings? In the new year on the fingers of stars and simple fashionistas appear unusual decorations. Accustomed to wear a ring at the base of the finger, this accessory will seem strange, because he adorns the top of the phalanx and nail, in accuracy repeating its shape. Want to learn more about the ring nails? Site Beauty-Hands.ru prepared the review of novelties.

A new trend?

Attentive fashionista note that such element nail – design have long chosen to Western star. Clips of Beyonce, Lady Gaga flashed such things. However, to draw the world’s attention on a stylish accessory was only able Karl Lagerfeld in a new show of Chanel. Fingers models adorned with rings for nails, which attracted even more enthusiastic attitudes than the collection itself.

The girls on the podium you could see the tiny rings, which are decorated with marigolds and top phalanxes of fingers that look unusual, but stylish. Anyone could buy accessories from Chanel. Lagerfeld insists that each finger should be decorated with a ring, or a whole set of different decorations. But what is good on the podium, then life can seem too pretentious. Besides the abundance of the rings will bring its owner a lot of trouble. Firstly, office workers such set will prevent pounding on the keys or sign any documents. Yes and pick up constantly dropping rings will soon get tired of.

кольца для ногтей

кольца для ногтей

How to wear a ring nails?

If you do not, pop star or socialite, loving shock, we offer you to decorate a ring of one or more fingers. On the other nails better to put decent coating that will not distract attention from the highlights of your image.

Rings for nail art are different. Chanel offers concise rings possessing universal size. You can compress and decompress without harm to the product that will cover tightly finger. A version suitable for every day, for going to work or going out with friends. The company such accessories can make sets of clothing in any style.

Is on sale and more vivid ways that mimic the nail plate. They have a different shape and length, so you can find a ring on any taste and suitable to your nails a. This is a great addition to the nighttime image. Such extravagant decoration is perfect for a hike in the nightclub, where certainly not leave you unnoticed. But for everyday wear these rings are the nail may seem uncomfortable or too vulgar.

If you chose a metal ring that covers the nail plate, we advise you to pick up and the appropriate image. Ideal bright cocktail dress and shoes on high heels and evening makeup.

Purchasing this ring, note that the form and length of artificial claw shall repeat the size of your nail or strikingly differ. For example, some stars prefer to do a very short and modest manicure and one finger decorate ornate gold or silver claw unnatural length.

кольца для ногтей

кольца для ногтей

Affordable for every

We’ve learned that jewelry usually run from precious metals. The same applies to the rings of the nail. You can choose products from platinum, different shades of gold or silver. But remember that the ring with imitation of the nail plate can weigh quite a lot. Certainly, the price of some jewelry scares незвездных girls.

For those who can’t afford accessories, whose value on the price tag is more like a phone number, designers offer products from plastic or metal base. You can also choose a very modest and laconic ring.

Lovers of luxury more will like jewels with a loose diamonds, sapphires or other stones, which are the attributes of a beautiful life. Are for sale and whole sets of decorations on every finger. Ring nail differ by their design. Strict forms, give place to the intricate and snakes which дракончикам that will suit a self-confident business-lady.

кольца для ногтей

Select accessory for nail

As usual ring, the decoration without fitting better not to buy. However, all the usual ring with a small mismatch in size with difficulty, but will stay on finger. Product декорирующее nail, should sit on the finger perfectly. Otherwise you may spend a lot of time permanent подхватывание. Well and the most terrible thing: you just might lose accessory.

If you dare to buy a ring via the Internet, which has become an extremely popular way of shopping, then get ready for surprises. It is desirable to discuss in detail with the seller of the material, of which holds the ring, as well as the size up to millimeters. Usually dimensional mesh rings is based on the diameter or length of the circumference of the product. Not to be mistaken with a choice, clasp your own thumb in the place where the plan to wear jewellery thread. Next will only use a ruler to determine the length of a circle and choose the appropriate ring to nail.

To your nails looked pretty well against the background of these rings, use only proven brand nail Polish – ESSIE and others.

кольца для ногтей

кольца для ногтей

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