Ретроспектива American Music Awards: 5 знаковых моментов

On the eve became known the names of the leading annual awards ceremony, the American Music Awards 2013, which will be held on Sunday in Los Angeles. This year to conduct the event will be three girls: Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Hudson and Heidi Klum. Joined on stage they will be country music trio Lady Antebellum.

Expect that this year the leader by the number of medals it won become Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. On the second place by quantity of nominations followed Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift 5.

Let’s remind, that last year’s ceremony was an anniversary: 40 years have passed since the first awarding figurines AMA. So, the artist became 2012 Justin Bieber – he managed to take three nominations. Nikki Minaj went with awarding with two awards, one received Rihanna, Adele, and Taylor swift.

On the eve of the AMA 2014 offer to recall the brightest moments of the past forty awards.

In 1974, when the American Music Awards was held just for the second time, its leading steel 16-year-old Michael Jackson and 17-year-old actor Donnie Osmond. Then the awards in various nominations were awarded to such artists as Bing Crosby, Stevie wonder and Diana Ross. 

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Awarding 1990 remember the audience how his statuettes went all the participants of Guns’n’roses. They became the best in the nomination “Heavy metal”and almost “popping out” on stage! Their traditional speech of gratitude turned into эпатирование public and ended with foul language. 

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1994 was the “take-off” for Whitney Houston. After a starring role in “the Bodyguard” and the new album, she has gathered the largest number of figurines for the whole history of the award – 8. 

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In 2003, apparently very much good is being successfully sold music because the AMA conducted two times. Heroes of the first ceremony was family Ozbourne, launched a reality show on MTV about his life, and the second – kid Rock, перепевший Bad Company. 

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In 2004 wave of negative sentiment caused Anna Nicole Smith, who first appeared in public, to put it mildly, not in themselves”. After the American Music Awards 2004 Internet and television is filled with numerous parodies of her and evil стебом. However, at that time nobody knew what remains to be up star magazine Playboy.

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