Итоги конкурса на SPLETNIK.RU: билеты на концерт Woodkid

French singer, Director and designer Woodkid arrives in Russia for the second time. This time the artist first visit to a concert Сакнкт Petersburg. In the Northern capital of the concert will take place in club “Cosmonaut” on December 11. The contractor will present to the fans of the long awaited debut album The Golden Age.

Yesterday we played four pairs of tickets, and today are ready to give the names of the lucky ones who will go to the concert in Moscow Woodkid Arena in Moscow on 10 December. By the way, the correct answers were very much so we gave cherished tickets to those people who was fastest.

So, ae14.84, mnisheck, Anna M, Anna H. – you were the first and get detailed instructions how to collect prizes, e-mail. Congratulations!

For those who have not guessed, publish the correct answers:

1.       What real name Woodkid?

Yoan Lemoyne

2.       As called cult computer game, in a trailer which song Woodkid Iron?

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

3. What video Woodkid starred British model Agnes Dane?


4.       Name of a popular singer, for which Woodkid he directed 2 video clips?

Lana Del Rey

5.       What is depicted on the official logo Woodkid?


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