Meet Rene Rast – senior research officer of the Procter&Gamble . He is engaged in scientific research and biology of hair and skin, develops advanced technologies of cosmetic products that significantly improve our lives, helps to keep a youth and beauty. We present to your attention an exclusive interview to the specialist portal WANT.

– Rene, why can start losing hair? What are today the most common causes of development problems of the scalp and hair?

– You know, the reason may be hormonal imbalance. In particular, if a woman catastrophically losing hair, this is often to blame hormones. But there are other causes of hair loss, for example, breakage or chemical effect on the hair.

Are the main reasons that you should pay attention at a hair. It is necessary to monitor and terminal hair, and the hair on the whole length was protected. If hair is falling out with root, you can change nothing, because it is a genetic problem. If in addition hair still and break down, You lose even more hair. Our task is to reduce this phenomenon. Condition of the scalp are also of importance. If You have psoriasis or other such problems with the scalp, it can cause hair loss. In addition dandruff can also contribute to hair loss and change the quality of hair.

– A common problem: oily scalp and dry hair. How to care for such hair and scalp to reduce the oiliness of the skin and prevent drying of the hair and split ends?

– Oily scalp can be explained by the fact that our skin is constantly evolving fat. All as we sit here, the skin produces fat. Every minute, every second. This process goes on permanently, even if you смываете fat, over time, it appears again. Fat is bad that he collects the dirt and may cause other problems scalp, for example, dandruff, but its output is happening all the time, and You did not change. This process begins in the pubertal period, in early adolescence, the skin starts to produce a lot of fat. It is regulated by the hormonal background. Hormones may reduce the allocation of fat skin. In the elderly after the seventy years of oil production skin is also declining, so if You have oily skin of the head, there is hope that in old age, the situation improved somewhat. You may also notice that the children do not have to frequently wash their hair, because their skin does not emit enough fat.

And dryness of hair is a different story, because the hair is usually become dry if they are damaged. You probably know that the longer You отращиваете hair, the more damage accumulates on them. Hair cannot be updated, it is not the skin, which is constantly самообновляется. Hair that grew out of the skin, already dead. He alone can strengthen, to recover or recover. For example, judging from the length of your hair, their ends for about three years, i.e. they grew about three years. Remember what You did during the last three years with hair. Most likely, You dyed hair, pulled irons, straightened or did something else. You were the sun, maybe somewhere on the beach. The hair fell chlorine or salt water. All this years affects the hair, due to which the hair is naturally very strong and well protected, become porous. This leads to the fact that the moisture gets in the hair, evaporates very quickly, and You feel that the hair becomes dry, that actually means that the hair has become very porous, i.e. the water easily penetrates into the hair, but evaporates much faster, than healthy hair.

You asked about leaving. The best means of deliverance from the fat content is to use a quality shampoo, in which many active components, which are most effectively remove grease, at the same time, shampoo should not be too aggressive. If the tool is too aggressive, it may damage the scalp. So a quality shampoo is of great importance. Care for dry hair is important to pay attention to the composition of hair conditioner. What is the role of the air conditioner? If you think of the hair shaft in the form of ropes, air conditioning envelops this rope an invisible network of components. First of all, this invisible network protects hair from further damage, and helps to control the supply of moisture in the hair and its evaporation. I think that the use of properly selected shampoo and conditioner in the complex will help get rid of fat and at the same time provide dry hair reasonable degree of protection to prevent further injury and drying.

I am often asked : ” can we combine different products, different shampoos and conditioners. In the laboratories we spend a lot of time to develop a shampoo and conditioner which are a perfect match. It is better to use simultaneously shampoo and conditioner same brand from the same line, as different shampoo and conditioner can not so good fit for each other. If You really want to get rid of oily scalp and provide dry hair due care, it is better to use the tools that are designed to work together.

– How to deal with itching scalp and unpleasant smell? What could be the reason?

– Itching of the scalp is a very widespread phenomenon, whose causes can be very diverse. One of the reasons, which is closely associated with unpleasant odor, it dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Many do not know that suffer from dandruff fifty percent of the population, i.e. every second person on earth has dandruff. Itching is one of the symptoms of dandruff. This is often one of the first signs of it. Often the person first draws attention to the fact that the head itches, and only then notice symptoms such as cereals or other signs of dandruff that is associated with more than itching. In the case of dandruff cause itching is a fungus called Malassezia globosa. This fungus lives on the scalp of almost every person, so anything unusual or things in it, it’s absolutely normal phenomenon. Just half of the people this fungus causes irritation of the scalp. When irritation occurs, scalp itching. Therefore, for many people it becomes the first sign. What to do with it? You can remove the cause of dandruff, get rid of the fungus, and this is the best solution. If You succeed, itching stops because of irritation will not. To help You shampoo Head&Shoulders «Palliative care» with extracts of eucalyptus, specially designed to relieve itching and eliminate the dandruff.

The second part of the question was about odour. This is a problem for more people, because all have this fungus, and actually its function is that it eats the fat. Returning to a previous question, I repeat that we all distinguish fat. Malassezia eats fat and allocates life products that contain acid. These acids like citric acid, which is, for example, lemons, aggressively affect the skin, it may cause irritation. Some of the acids produced inter alia by the smell. The so-called fatty acids have a rancid odor, for example, smells delayed oil when fats in it begin to decompose. On the scalp, there are such processes. The longer the scalp fungus is, the longer You do not wash your hair, the more likely the occurrence of an unpleasant smell. The same smell can be seen in their elderly relatives or visiting a nursing home. People who live there, usually wash not so often, and their heads are often based odour. I understand that this is not the most pleasant thoughts, but this problem can be solved regular washing with the use of quality shampoo, for example, Head&Shoulders, which washes off the sebum and at the same time, acts directly on the fungus, killing it, and, therefore, do not appear unpleasant odor and itching.

Dandruff is a very common today’s problem, it is dry and oily. What is the difference between the types of dandruff, and what are the main causes of their appearance.

– Causes of dandruff are the same for all. This fungus Malassezia and reaction of the skin, as well as that of sebum, which eats Malassezia. Many call dandruff or her cereal dry, because it is much nicer to talk about dry skin and dandruff flakes. So often people talk about dry skin. Most people have a normal amount of dandruff, but sometimes there are difficult cases, where the flakes of dandruff are larger, have a yellowish color and impregnated by the sebum. Such a condition called seborrheic dermatitis, is a complication of the usual dandruff

There are people who have very dry skin of the head. They do not necessarily dandruff, but there are flakes. This is extremely rare cases. We never counted how often this phenomenon, but I think that such a dry scalp without dandruff occurs in approximately two to three percent of the population. Dandruff appears only when a fatty skin of the scalp, cereals usually too fatty. So when people say that they dry dandruff and dry cereals, they often talk about dry skin, and not about the dandruff. So actually the difference between dry and oily dandruff no. It’s just different views on the same problem.

– What treatment is recommended for each type of dandruff?

– Care, equal, because in 98-99% of cases it dandruff, and it would be best to start with the elimination of the fungus Malassezia.

– That is the cause of the problem one, the only difference is in the degree of its severity?

– Yes, really dry cereals is extremely rare and is not a characteristic phenomenon.

If the woman turned to the trichologist, when some part of the hair fell out if the treatment regain hair? Or a doctor saves only what is left?

– First, you must be diagnosed, to understand what was the reason of hair loss. In our laboratories we first analyze the appearance of the skin of the head, then dermatologist even more thoroughly studies the condition of the scalp. They still have many methods: a biopsy to understand what processes are within, blood, etc. to determine the exact causes of hair loss. And only after the cause of hair loss, treatment may be started. Treatment may consist of medicines. We do not use this treatment, as we work only to cosmetic products. But in some cases, medication can help You bring back hair. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. This is something that can tell You a dermatologist or a trichologist. There are other reasons that I mentioned earlier, for example, loss of hair due to their fragility. This can be resolved nutrition and hydration hair with the help of cosmetic preparations. We recommend the same to any person who faces the problem of hair loss: find the right skin care product. Typically, if You had a normal head of hair, You need the conditioning properties to protect the entire length of hair. If You have fine hair, You still want to defend them, but so much conditioning benefits in the product you will not need so much, because lustrous aggravate hair. It is therefore important to use appropriate means. If You have your reasons, can also take drugs.

You are familiar with the technology darsonval? Does the regular use of vehicles darsonval accelerate hair growth and eliminate dandruff?

“I heard about дарсонвале device, giving electronic микроимпульсы in the skin. But I have not come across any research results, so I can’t say what are the advantages of this apparatus. We know that often the hair does not grow or thinning due to a problem with the follicles of the hair. For example, in men hair line above because we follicles sensitive to гидрокситестостерону, a derivative of testosterone, the male hormone. That is why you can often hear that bald men more testosterone than others. The case sensitivity of the follicle to testosterone, and not at the level of testosterone. It is important to remember that the causes of hair loss is different, so different and ways to combat them. If You are concerned about hair loss, especially women, you must contact the trichologist or dermatologist to make the necessary tests before starting any treatment.

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