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Рената Литвинова удивила поклонников в соцсети новым образом

Renata Litvinova

Renata Litvinova in your Instagram diary shares with followers different atmospheric photographs, which often appears as herself. One of the most recent shots published in the microblog, shows the actress in a gray coat and close to his tone wig.

In the image,is briefly explained Renata its reincarnation.

Рената Литвинова
Renata Litvinova

Litvinov did not go into details and explain what image I wanted to create. So fans were forced to guess yourself – just began to have various versions mixed in with the compliments.

But now the first time I took you for Zemfira.Similar to Alla Demidov young.And this image is very nice.I thought it was my roommate. Renata, even with that wig, you are beautiful.Nicole Kidman…French.She really is such a haircut.I was sure that it is updated in the image of Renata Litvinova.By the way, about Zemfira. In the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov is the final preparation of new statement of Renata Litvinova, “theNorth wind”, the music for which was written by the singer, and the costumes created by designer Gosha Rubchinskiy. The premiere will take place at the end of may, but he has already managed to assert themselves.

Рената Литвинова
Photo from Instagram Renata Litvinova

Рената Литвинова
Photo from Instagram

Photo Instagram

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