Today, many modern young lady, whose nature gave a beautiful and long nails, prefer to wear prepared nail plate. Now on the nails can create masterpieces, which will be a nice Supplement image and style.

As a rule, the procedure of building nails is done at the salon, there is and correction of nail plates once every three weeks. Moreover, professionals surcharge, of course, can restore accidentally damaged «thumbnail» or even to save a woman from the extension of the nail plates.

However it should not go to the beauty shop and spend money, it is always possible to bring the nails at home. Very often women experience a desire to remove the nail extensions coverage immediately. Reasons for this may be several, in particular, broken nails, poor design, the prolonged absence of the correction, or just in a bad mood.

So there is nothing easier than to remove acrylic nails at home, and for this procedure is not required special tools and devices, as well as huge experience and skills.

First of all, it is necessary to find free time and prepare sharp scissors and iron nail file, cotton pads and means of varnish removal, nail polishing and hand cream, as well as any oil, foil and toothpicks. When all the required tools will be collected, you can go to the removal process acrylic. Here it is important to understand that the gel and acrylic nail coating eliminated in different ways, so the main thing – not to mix technique.

Now, the first thing you should cut the length of the nail, and for that use regular manicure scissors. Here it is important to get rid of acrylic as close to the skin, but that the procedure was not painful in any case it is not corrupt. After that to give the nail desired shape using a metal nail files, that also helps to remove excess acrylic mechanically. Cut itself nail coating in this way is absolutely forbidden since it is possible harm and the natural structure of the nail.

After the length of the nail will be significantly shortened, you want to impregnate all nail plates oil or fat cream to significantly soften the hardened material and rough skin. Then plentifully moisten a cotton pad means for removing nail Polish, superimpose it on the nail and qualitatively fasten foil, thereby creating the effect of «saunas». Similar manipulations done with other nail plates, and then wait for 15 minutes.

During this time, acrylic significantly soften and remove it from the surface of the nail would be quite easy. Do this with the help of ordinary toothpick, but do not expect that succeed the first time. The matter is that in direct contact with the air, this material very quickly solidifies, therefore, repeat the procedure with foil will need several times.

When all the nail plate will be purified, natural nails it is necessary to give a presentable appearance, and for this and use a soft polishing nail. Thus you can align the nail plates eliminate their yellowish tint, as well as Polish, and, as a rule, this cosmetic procedure takes only a few minutes. When all these steps are completed, it is reasonable to use cosmetic cream for the hands. who has a revitalizing effect. After an hour hands will Shine health and freshness.

After the removal of artificial nails is also recommended to take advantage of a strengthening or therapeutic varnish, because natural nail plates after such reincarnation in any case they need additional feeding. Use this lacquer during the week, however, show your hands to the master of manicure, too, if there is a desire to once again create a masterpiece on its own nails.

As a rule, there are no time restrictions, that is, eliminating one covering, you can immediately apply more. For example, after a long socks acrylic nails you can experiment, and next time use gel coating.

Before removing acrylic nails, it is important to remember some of the rules. First, remove acrylic acetone is useless because you can harm native nail plate. Secondly, during the actual procedure, it is important not to hook scissors skin, otherwise the pain and performances blood certainly not avoid.

Thirdly, eat gel coating is slightly different, so it is important to remember what kind of material was used when the nails. Fourthly, by’ts better to address to the master of manicure.

Today, many girls have learned to do this simple procedure at home, while significantly saving on hikes in beauty salons. However, if you still have no confidence in their nail abilities, do not experiment with its beauty and it is best to seek professional help of a specialist.

Manicure master will help not only to choose the material for extended nails and make high-quality design. In addition, the need to quickly relieve graft nails. However, as a rule, such a service salon paid.

Acrylic graft nails always look expensive and elegant, giving its possessor a solid and majestic appearance. They can perform any design, at the same track, so it clearly fits the image.

So now it is known how to properly take the graft acrylic nails at home. Following all these rules, the process takes no more than an hour.


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