Red is the color of self-confident and purposeful women who know what they want from life. Red nails are always attracted to a woman’s attention and helped create the image of chic.

As a rule, women who prefer red, have a very high self esteem and is able to conquer almost any man its unique charm. Stylists recommend to the women, if they want to attract men’s attention – the perfect solution would be to make a beautiful manicure and nails cover varnish red. It is important to remember if you are using red lacquer, the nails should be in perfect condition.

For a long time the red color is considered a sure sign of self-confident people, emitting a special attraction to the opposite sex. Nails painted red, always engage the owner of the men’s attention. As a rule, at a meeting men always pay attention to the condition of her hands. Therefore, going on an important meeting with the man they liked, without fail, it is necessary to put in order their pens.

However, it is worth remembering that the red color is quite capricious and elegant look lacquer that color will be only in case if the nail women are in perfect condition. Among the dignity of red varnish can be attributed to the fact that he sought will look on the nails of any shape and length that makes it so popular among representatives of the fair half of mankind.

To create a stylish and sophisticated image, should not only make a beautiful manicure, but also to correct dress. It is important to remember that the red color just perfectly with black, green, pink, white and Golden. Going on a celebration, you can experiment a bit and decorate nails rhinestones, they are just perfect for looking at the color red.

Bright colors remain relevant completely at any time of year and can be widely used not only in the accessories or shades of service, but in the colours of nails. As mentioned above, for quite a long period of time, nails, painted red, are hereby fashion hit, not to surrender their positions. Incredibly beautiful it will look red lacquer on very short ноготках a length of just a few millimeters extends over the edge of the finger pad.

Photo nail red color does not leave the pages of fashion magazines. Professional psychologists say that the nails painted red hue, can give the girl a positive impact, giving it greater self-confidence and making it more purposeful. To date, there have been several interesting studies that found that the red color can have on a person rather strong not only the psychological and emotional impact. Moreover, the red color is the symbol of the activity, passion, energy and love. We can conclude that the red color is the color of life itself.

This color can give a person confidence, energy, activity, and awaken a desire to reach new peaks, in my career and personal life. psychologists made a portrait of women who prefer to paint the nails lacquer red hue – they have literally fire, irrepressible temperament, strive for self-improvement and wealth, independence. Such women are characterized by confidence and passion.

Red nails were always relevant, and today they help to create a stylish and sophisticated image. Today there are quite a number of various shades of red, for example, Bordeaux, bright poppy, brick, rich red, berry and many other. Thanks to this great diversity, every woman can choose for themselves not just once but several shades of color of this noble and combine them at its discretion, both everyday and festive clothing. For example, simply, elegantly and tastefully will look combination nail scarlet colour with blue. The hottest time of year, you can put a light yellow dress and cover the nails red lacquer. Probably, each representative of a fine half of mankind knows that from ancient times is considered to be refined classic combination of black and red colors.

It is important to remember that when choosing for themselves shades of red colour, it is necessary, first of all, take into consideration its цветотип. So, blondes with tender light skin is just perfect crimson and gentle pink. For a woman with bright red hair should stop the selection of bright scarlet and tomato shades of red. Rose red and coral shades are suitable for people with rosy cheeks. Literally all shades of red are suitable for girls with dark hair.

To red lacquer looked beautiful, you need to know how to properly apply. Now, before painting nails, they must be trained to varnish. Manicure advised that all shades of red must be applied in four layers. The first layer should be a basic coating, the second layer is directly lacquer. To put it should be as follows – in the middle of the nail plate is placed brush and evenly covered with the entire nail. Before to put the third layer of varnish should wait a couple of minutes to dry the previous one. The third layer of lacquer is applied as close as possible to the cuticle and well прокрашивая each nail.

The fourth layer is the application on the nail of the topcoat or clear lacquer. Exactly due to the last layer nails acquire a unique luster and elegant charm.


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