духи Красная МоскваEvery year perfumers offer women new fragrances. But not all fashionable spirits are destined to join the ranks of the classics and remain popular for many years, as it was the most famous парфюму the Soviet era. Legendary «Red Moscow» perfume known, perhaps, to everyone: their name has long been a household.

History of the creation of fragrance

History of the creation of «red Moscow» is very fascinating. His appearance this fragrance is obliged Frenchman Брокару, who founded in the mid-nineteenth century in Moscow transportation. In 1913, Brocard made for Empress Maria Fedorovna wonderful gift – a bouquet of wax flowers, each of which had its own flavor, indistinguishable from a natural. All these aromas are merged into one – a strange, unexpected fascinating…

Brocard received the title of Supplier to the Imperial court, and the spirits of «Favorite bouquet Empress» instantly became popular. Bottle approved Regal special aroma was committed to purchase every woman.

After the October revolution the factory was nationalized, now it had the name «Zamoskvoretsky perfume and soap plant №5». From businesses with the modest name was impossible to wait perfume masterpieces, and in 1922, the factory was given a name in the spirit of time «New dawn». Interestingly, the idea of renaming belonged to a former associate of Henry Брокара August Michel.

Experienced perfumer dreamed to play the legendary fragrance, created in his time Брокаром, but I understood, that the spirits are called «Favorite bouquet Empress» when the power of the Soviets cannot be produced. Needed a new name, and it was found – the spirits was given the name «Red Moscow». Technology of production of several simpler, so one can’t say that the spirits of «Red Moscow» are identical to the work of Henry Брокара. And yet the fragrance has become incredibly popular with women of all ages were pleased to receive a gift of a bottle of «red Moscow».

Another version

духи Красная МоскваA beautiful story of the creation of the legendary fragrance seems rather implausible. According to historians of fashion and perfume, similar aroma could not be invented in 1913: in those days the technologies were insufficiently developed for the production of perfume. In addition, there is documentary evidence that the spirits were created in 1924-1925. Perhaps the creators inspired fragrance «Favorite bouquet Empress» – now it is already impossible to find out, because it is not known exactly which notes were used to create the pre-revolutionary legends, and recipe «red Moscow» is kept in secret.

In other, more modern legend, famous perfume oversaw Polina Zhemchuzhina – wife of Vyacheslav Molotov and friend of Hope Аллилуевой. Anyway, aroma «red Moscow» instantly became very fashionable he gave preference to such stars as Lyubov Orlova and Valentin Serov, as well as many ordinary Soviet women. This perfume has repeatedly won awards at the international exhibitions: the brainchild of the Soviet perfume industry gained worldwide popularity.

Many have noted the similarity of the «red Moscow» with other legendary fragrance of Chanel №5». Someone considers, that the Soviet perfumers tried to play a French flavor. According to another version, on the contrary, «Chanel №5» was established on the basis of the famous «Favorite bouquet of the Empress». Confirmation neither the one nor the other legends. Most likely, the similarity of aromas random: not a secret that sometimes fashion trends «hover in the air, and they can catch perfumers in different countries.

Bouquet «Red Moscow»

For manufacture of these spirits and to this day they are used practically only natural ingredients. Top fragrance notes – bergamot and neroli, complemented by a grapefruit and coriander – instantly attract attention. Then the sharpness of these notes is replaced velvety tones of Jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang with a slight admixture of nutmeg. And finally, the train of the fragrance – luxurious combination of iris, vanilla, amber and Tonka bean.

Sensual aromas capriciously and classic fragrance «red Moscow» is amazing amazing combination of rigor and sexuality, tenderness and confidence. Probably, it is the combination of incongruous provided spirits such a long life.

Love and hate

The huge popularity of spirits «Red Moscow» among Soviet women has led to a natural end: at some point perfume was all the same. Ladies began to assert long queues for Riga spirits, became popular and works of Polish perfumers. Replaced stuffy and concentrated spirits came sweet and fresh flavours with a high content of synthetic additives. «Red Moscow» lost relevance and began to be seen as something outdated. Loyalty spirits retained the women of the older generation, and for most born in the sixties and the seventies, the fragrance was associated with grandmothers or growing old aunts.

Although young people resolutely rejected the «Red Moscow», this fragrance many reside in memory, and was associated with the most beautiful memories of childhood, when life was bright and serene. It is not surprising that over time spirits again began to come into fashion: someone bought them under the influence of nostalgia, and someone was interested to touch the legend. Anyway, the «Red Moscow» became worried its second birth: the firm «New dawn» has started to produce a modern version of the fragrance.

Many believe that the modern «Red Moscow» inferior to the original парфюму. On numerous Internet auctions for bottles of vintage flavor collectors are willing to pay a lot of money. Probably components perfume really changed, but the smell was the same – a complex, multifaceted, distinctive flavor, one droplets which is enough to create the image of interesting, sensual and confident woman.

Maria Bykova

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