Such a problem as the layer nails, unfortunately, is familiar to many, but not everyone knows how to deal with it. And most simply does not suspect that she often has its cause, eliminating that you can return good health to them.

Nails exfoliate for many reasons, but the most common is the lack of those or other microelements, as a rule, calcium. But it can be resolved enough to fill its shortage. This will need to find a calcium-containing drug, which must be present vitamin D, without this component calcium is absorbed poorly. It is worth noting that the lack of this element helps the following products: nuts, fish, cheese, young cabbage. They will be able to eradicate the problem of stratification of the nail from amino acids that are part of them. And since the products are protein, and this is a kind of building material for the nails, their doctors advise to include in the diet mandatory.

Shortage of silicon, which is no less important trace element can lead to stratification of the nail. But to fix this problem, correct nutrition, bringing him bananas, salad, and a currant, green beans, and parsley. Often nail exfoliation is the result of a shortage in the body of such an element as iron. In addition to the treatment of anemia, it is recommended to drink tea from the infusion of the following plants: dandelion, sorrel, and burdock, and also to enter into a diet of lean meat, liver, egg yolk, herbs, dried fruits and necessarily legumes.

Drying nail under the influence of household chemistry, lack of vitamins and often stays in the water, that’s why nails exfoliate. And some even do not think about these reasons. But, fortunately, it can be quite easy to fix. The first thing you should buy a special vitamin complexes, which were specially created for their treatment. They contain essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins they need. Also worth homework to do exclusively in rubber gloves. In this case, not only nails will be in order, but the hand skin will be nourished. As to the recovery process has gone much faster, should ensure the nail plate of food. For this purpose it is recommended to use special creams and oils are suitable for therapeutic varnishes. Nails will grow healthy as possible to eliminate all the reasons mentioned. Exfoliate nails often because a person has problems with the thyroid gland. In this case, no varnishes, vitamins and oil will not help to get it to the doctor prescribed appropriate treatment.

Once managed to identify the causes of nail exfoliation, you need to take decisive action to address them. So, if it was dryness, to help cope with the problem of oil and cuticle cream with vitamins. They need daily RUB massage movements. Then after a few weeks, will be visible effect of such therapy. However, when the first results, you should not discontinue the procedure, as is the effect of it quickly disappears. And it is better to massage nail and cuticle oil has become a habit. Later, this procedure is not carried out every day, but it is better to do it three times a week.

If you want to quickly restore nails should be used during a massage of olive oil. For the best effect it should be mixed with lemon. The mixture should put it on the nail plate, wear cotton gloves and go to sleep. Such a procedure be conducted twice a week, and then the nails will become elastic and strong. A huge benefit compresses with a solution, which includes the following ingredients: 70 grams of water, 25 grams of glycerin, 5 grams of alum. All you need to mix, apply to the nails for about 20 minutes and then wash off. This should be done twice a week. During the comprehensive care of their nails should not forget about the trays with the beloved sea salt. For best results, the bath should be done first 10 days later, twice a week. For its preparation is required to dissolve 5 grams of salt in warm water. Some make bath with baking soda, but they will harm the nails, therefore, were to be forgotten.

Despite the problem of stratification of nails, manicure recommended twice a week. However, this will need to be sure to observe the simple rules. For example, when you remove the varnish should use the liquid, in which no harmful acetone, a component that dries the nail plate. It is worth remembering that the nails need to rest from the lacquer. He should be 2 days after 5 days. Do not use metal nail files, because of their frequent use is the main risk factor for stratification of the nail plate. And this is because their metal scratches and wounds. Besides metal nail forms small cracks, as a result of which the nail starts to exfoliate. It is recommended to change those that have a special coating. But even with their application must all movements performed only in one direction.

Acting, therefore, be avoided education on the nails of the smallest of cracks. Keep the file should be at a slight angle, and it must-to the center of each edge of the relatively long strokes. In addition you will also have to Polish the edge of the nail, leaving his sharp. And to nails broke, they better give slightly square or oval shape. It is worth noting that the processing of nails from the sides on the contrary leaves them is the cause of the cracks and надломов. And if you allow cash, then you should spend the procedure of sealing. It is done in the salon, in the course of her nails are rubbed creams and oils with a high concentration of vitamins.

With stratification of the nail can cope, but to it have approached comprehensively. That is, it will be necessary to drink a course of a multivitamin to make in your diet foods rich in calcium and silicon, and do baths and massage nail.


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