Weight loss per month per 10 kg – this is your dream? Most likely, this is the right way to lose your natural health and the right shape. Radical weight loss does not always allow you to purchase a beautiful figure. Sometimes it is just the opposite, adds to it cellulite, streamers and a General slackening of the skin. What is so harmful this way to lose weight?

Не получается похудетьFirstly, it is not effective for a long time. That is, there is so-called effect of the yo-yo. You do not accustom your body with little to eat, and only create for him to withstand stress. When you waited for the end of the diet, the body feels that the hunger strike came to an end and it is time to begin overeat. Accordingly, you unconsciously start to receive the extra calories and effect is returned.

Secondly, during the diet decreases the activity of the brain. If you are always creative and intellectual activity, it is necessary to refuse this idea. Exactly the same as going to have to cancel, if you are actively engaged in learning. Otherwise you have to wait long for success from their activities and get persistent dizziness, fatigue and fainting.

Дряблость животаThirdly dramatic weight loss provokes cellulite and weakness of the skin. If in parallel with it, you didn’t put two exercises, the effect sagging skin in the abdomen and thighs will be even more noticeable. Even if you decide to exercise power exercises, they simply do not have time to act. It is better to use weight loss without dieting but limitations in food. More specifically, in its quantities. This method will not be quick, but very well save their results and will not give negative consequences for your health.

If that does not scare you, then you should think about the possible problems with health. Lack of proper nutrition or simply a hunger strike becomes the cause of ulcers, gastritis, and many other stomach problems. And their consequences remain for life.

Very rarely radical diets are filled with all the necessary nutrients and minerals. If not, then you spoil your body comprehensively. First of all affects the nails, hair, teeth, and skin, bones and vision.

Instead of such radical and fast похудений try to use other products. For example, such as:

All of the above contains fewer calories than is required for the processing of food into the body.

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