Clothing and accessories with your logo is one of the most simple and inexpensive solutions to increase the awareness of your brand and its popularization among consumers.

Qualitative promotional textiles in Moscow

Копания pinqThe company LLC «Пинк.ру» specializes in the design and manufacture of promotional textiles following types: bandanas, sweatshirts, t-shirts, fleece blankets, wristlets, scarves, headbands, and bags of different models. The availability of a production hall with modern equipment for sewing and print allows us to produce any quantity of products in the shortest possible time. You can choose a model from our catalogue or provide your own sketches. In any case your order will be executed qualitatively and professionally.

Bandanas with the logo in order

One of the highlights during the large-scale advertising campaigns is the choice of souvenir products. Bright, unusual and qualitatively made corporate gifts is a guarantee that the consumer will remember your logo and, in the future, will give preference to advertised goods. The same applies to partners, employees and clients of your company, which is always nice to get interesting and useful thing.

Продукция с логотипомThe assortment of products is very wide: from branded t-shirts to rugs with respective symbols. With a growing number of advertisement managers come to the conclusion that one of the most universal and effective media company logo is bandana. The promo souvenir has several important advantages:

  • Versatility. Bandanas suitable for all, can be worn as a tie, scarf, напульсника, headbands, or head scarf.
  • The usefulness of the consumer. Business gift will not gather dust in the closet. On the contrary, the owner is happy to be wearing it, passing by advertising your brand.
  • Affordable cost. Buy high quality bandanas much cheaper than, for example, t-shirts.
  • Ease of fabrication. Capacity of our enterprise allow to perform 1500 – 3000 products with a size of 60 x 60cm per shift, printing of company logo or other image – from 3 000 to 10 000 items per day.

We can buy plain bandanas different shades. Minimum lot of 50 pieces, from 1 unit on color. This is the best solution for companies who schedule conducting team competition with a small number of participants. Also we are engaged in the production of products with logos or images (perhaps to apply special effects).

Used technologies and materials

Разнообразие тканейWe offer wide assortment of fabrics for promotional textiles. The choice of material depends on the method of drawing (silk-screen printing or dye sublimation printing), as well as of destination.

Fabrics for screen printing

  • Calico GOST (white) – 100% cotton, the products have a low price and excellent quality. Production in the Russian Federation.
  • Calico (more than 30 shades) – 100% cotton, products are always in stock. Minimum lot is 50 units. Production in the Russian Federation.
  • Medical fabric (T/s, Тиси) – 65% polyester, 35% cotton. The material has a wrinkle resistant and high strength is recommended for everyday products. Production PRC.
  • Poplin – natural cotton. Expensive and delicate fabric used for making quality shirts. Recommended for sewing of children’s бандан. Manufacture Of Pakistan.
  • Atlas/crepe-satin – material on the polyester base.

Fabrics for dye sublimation printing

  • Medical fabric.
  • Wet silk – matte silky fabric.
  • Crepe-satin – shiny polyester material.
  • Дешайн is silky, soft fabric, 100% consisting of a polyester material.
  • Шармус – polyester material resembling Atlas.
  • Chiffon – thanks to its subtlety and lightness of this fabric is the optimal solution for the manufacture of head scarves. In this case, printing breaks and out of the product.

You can be sure in high quality of each unit of goods, all the stages of production and application images are strictly controlled by our specialists. High-performance equipment, professional designers and technologists allow us to conduct adequate pricing policy and operatively to make big party Souvenirs.

Bandanas with the logo perfectly complement the advertising campaign of your company, will make an excellent gift partners and constant clients, and also a great advertisment.

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