Provenance Tales: парфюмерные сказки от Rouge Bunny Rouge

Creative Director of the brand Rouge Bunny Rouge Alexandra De Montfort personally vouches for every beauty-product brand will give its owner inspiration and complement the natural beauty. Perfume masterpieces of the brand – it’s literally “the fruits of” the Enchanted garden. Reverie, mystery, nostalgia – here are the main motives of fragrant stories. What you want to become today? And what will be tomorrow? Addressed only to the owner of a fascinating bottle.

A second collection of niche scents Provenance Tales from the brand Rouge Bunny Rouge is the history of the origin of the world in three fine black bottle with a luxurious engraving in the form of horns, wings and flame. The four elements – fire, water, air and earth – speak exclusively in the language of perfume. What we unnecessary words? They are empty, and the smells…

The first story is called Embers begins томными notes of pink pepper, nutmeg and cloves, to later go to the playful notes of freesia, Jasmine and Cistus, and fail – magic sandalwood, Peruvian balm and стираксом. Harmony of warm and cold spices gives Eastern aroma modern sound. Especially when mixed with the warmth of your skin. We are sure that even Jean-Baptiste of “Perfumer” Suskind did not invent it would be more interesting flavor!

The second perfume storyteller – blooming gree Cynefin. The seeds of davana and Angelica are combined with Lily of the valley, lavender oil and concentrate violet leaves. The culmination of fragrant ecstasy – the lure of musk, amber and wood notes. A slight tinge of мускулинной brutality will not harm even the most feminine lady. We never doubted that our world was exactly, sensual, sexy, enchanting.

Fragrant completes the trio Silvan, inspired by the fallen leaves, fresh autumn wind and the tranquillity of a sunlit the primeval forest. Grapefruit, juniper and pepper sensual infused with a hint of incense, patchouli, cedar, and musk.

The origin of the world in the story of the three of niche scents Provenance Tales of Rouge Bunny Rouge is a perfume the story you can tell not only for the night. It is a sensual extravaganza smells, bringing crazy scale “narrated”. Literally one whiff of perfume – and the whole world unfolds at your feet.

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