One of the important components of a beautiful woman is a well-groomed hands. However, not all have the opportunity to visit a beauty salon, therefore, there are remarkable types of manicure, which you can do yourself.

One of the important components of the image of women are beautiful hands. Beautiful hands depends primarily on the appearance of the skin and the appearance of the nails. However, many people are content to just greasing of hand cream, although this is not enough. For hand care, there are special funds: scrub to exfoliate dead cells, masks for skin care creams are aimed at solution of problems of a skin of hands. I need to tell separately about the tools and instruments of the personnel for the care of nails. Tools that provide care for nails, can be conventionally divided into two types. Drugs for treatment of the skin around the nail bed and products directly serving for the care of the nail. In the first group of products includes a variety of emulsions for the mitigation and removal of cuticle oil to moisturize and prevent burrs, cleaning and bleaching agents. As processing tools to the skin around the nail usually use the stick from orange tree, or a special blade, which push back the skin, increasing the nail plate. In addition, for the removal of this skin uses special nail tongs, which also removed and the bumps on the skin. Recently popular diamond saws for skin treatment. This tool cut dead skin, just as подпиливают nails. This file is of the form is different from the form of the usual nail files. You have to understand that proper nail care includes care and skin around the nail plate. As her condition not only affects the appearance of the tips of the fingers, but also directly on the health of your nails. For example, inflammation of the bumps can cause a bacterial infection of the nail bed, with the subsequent separation of the nail. The care of nails is primarily in maintaining their form, then in strengthening and nutrition. In order to give you the desired form, usually use different files. They are metal, glass, plastic glued abrasive paper. Themselves files differ in their purpose to those which are used for natural nails. As well as nail files for nails. The latter are characterized by higher hardness and grain. Подпиливая nails need to pay attention to the fact that all the movements of the filing must be in the same direction. Because подпиливании type of back-and-forth nails begin to delaminate. In addition, there are special grinding bars for smoothing the surface of the nail and polishing of the stone. Recently popular cars for manicure. These devices are special devices equipped with lots of rotating nozzles, which replace their rotation progressive steps files. Besides giving you an attractive form, you need to ensure it due nutrition and hydration. Without this, the nails will be dry and brittle. Now there are a large number of different funds, issued in the same form as lipsticks, namely in vials with a brush. There are a series of reinforcing that redress, remedies. Very popular series of «Smart enamel» to stimulate the growth of nails. However, despite the abundance of different funds, produced many cosmetic concerns, we cannot forget about natural remedies. Just a few decades ago, during total deficit, women used for nail care means at hand. For example, instead of special cuticle oil, used purchased in the pharmacy oil solution of vitamin A and E. Now it can also be bought at the pharmacy, medication «Aevit» is available in capsules, which need to be pricked and then squeeze out the oil. The action of this drug is not inferior to the expensive foreign analogues, but it’s worth ten times cheaper. It is also very useful for nail baths of herbs such as chamomile and the series. They make your nails stronger and prevents inflammatory processes. Such baths are very beneficial to do before manicures, and especially after it. Decoction of herbs to soothe damaged skin, because during processing nail on the skin always arise microscopic wounds. For those women who don’t want to brew grass, can take a very simple means for strengthening nails and stimulate their growth. In order to conduct the procedure, should be cut into two halves any citrus and drop into the flesh fingertips. A quarter of an hour rinse hands with warm water and RUB any cream. In addition, a very favorable for nail salt baths and lubrication olive oil. In principle, for nail care, you can use almost any food. In General, tools and nail care tools for different people should be different. Those who are short like fingernails and makes the cutoff manicure, will be enough scissors and manicure wood sticks. And for those people who frequently makes manicure with the removal of cuticle, perhaps, the most rational buy a machine for hardware manicure. But everyone needs to be at least once a week to carry out activities such as removal of burrs, shaping the nails and procedures to strengthen and nail nourishment. This is the required minimum, which should be followed.

Well-groomed hands and nails are very important for any person, both male and female. Why should spend a little time and money to bring nails in order.


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