прически на выпускной для длинных волосHairstyle for prom given not less important than beautiful dress. Already in the spring of Schoolgirls begin to think about what clothes they wear, and what kind of hair style will be better with him in harmony. Prom hairdos for long hair is very varied in style, and the right choice is very difficult, especially if the hair is from nature is beautiful, thick, shining health. They want not just beautifully put, but also to demonstrate their beauty and all the advantages. Fortunately, all this may combine in one hairstyle.

Where to get inspiration for prom hairdos? Young girls their idols, who sing, dance, shot in a popular youth television series and an example of its image. Teen idols at all times served as a measure of style for young girls who are guided by them when choosing your own style. And to select a suitable updo for long hair, you can look for images of young stars, shining on the international horizon.

No matter how much you like the image of any celebrity or her creativity. Hairstyle for prom in any case must be chosen depending on his or her identity, type of face and hair. Of course, it must perfectly blend in with the dress that she is an integral ensemble. But if you can’t decide what kind of hair style may work for you, look at his idols: perhaps their evening laying is your hairstyle for prom.

Curls in Greek style like Taylor swift

American star takes the example of perfect styling for long blond hair. Hairstyle in the Greek style looks very feminine and appropriate for girls who chose to dress in the same style with a V-neck.

This hairstyle is ideal for almost any form of face, because it softens, masks the angularity, long, straight asymmetric bangs hides wide forehead and shifts the emphasis, for example, with a long nose.

If you stay on this hairstyle, remember that curls should be strictly vertical.

прически на выпускной для длинных волос Тейлор Свифт

Taylor Swift

прически на выпускной для длинных волос Эмма Уотсон

Emma Watson

Elegance in Greek style as Emma Watson

The star of Harry Potter grew up and do not get tired to show the example of a Mature womanhood. One of the examples – hairstyle in the Greek style забранными hair and careless thin braids as tiaras. Released her bottom on the sides attach to the laying of girlish charm style. To make a hairdo, need a little bit curly hair. Natural waves also the ideal basis for such a prom hairdos.

Not to distract attention from the exquisite lines of the Greek styling, compliment the image of understated make-up with a focus on the eyes and eyebrows, leaving lips neutral.

Elegant femininity like Lauren Conrad

Hairstyle Lauren Conrad is very similar to the previous ones, but it looks more Mature and already has features of Greek style. If you have a concise dress bustier in the Empire style for prom, such laying you a good fit, complementing the feminine неоромантичный image.

Hairstyle combines smooth, light waves, the volume of collected hair and issued free of her. It’s perfect for any type of person. To maintain the softness of this styling, try to hide-and-seek has not been significantly curl than often guilty and the girls themselves, and provincial master, trying to create more solemn image.

прически на выпускной для длинных волос Лорен Конрад

Lauren Conrad

прически на выпускной для длинных волос Дианна Агрон

Dianna Agron

Declaration of love sixties as Дианны Agron

Very simple, feminine hair in the style of sixties, we’ve chosen for one of the social events Dianna Agron, becomes an object of desire for weddings and graduation balls. The basis hairstyles – soft natural curls, which are selected according to the type of hairstyles «Malvina» and fixed rear. Flavor «image» gives a high bouffant in the style of the sixties, which introduced the fashion of Brigitte Bardot. With the help of such installation on the exhaust can emphasize the beauty of the face, which should be at the use of natural makeup. This hairstyle is more profitable looks on blondes with oval or round parties.

Неоретро like Kerry underwood

The Kerry underwood hairstyle too sixties style, but with the explicit amendment and modernity. First, in laying are smaller and steep curls, which in that era was not, and secondly, there is a long slanting Bang. It makes look more desirable to owners of round broad cheekbones, expressed his forehead.

Such laying looks very solemnly, even pompous, so you will need to do if you have chosen the laconic design of the dress.

прически на выпускной для длинных волос Керри Андервуд

Kerry Underwood

прически на выпускной для длинных волос Эмми Россам

Emmy Россам

Ode to the fortieth as the Emmy Россам

The sixties are present in modern fashion on a wider scale and long enough, but it is not about the forties. In this era of fans until not so much, maybe because not everyone knows how to properly adapt their luxury under the present. One example involves actress Emmy Россам, which opted for the chic forties to create its bright evening image.

Emmy, which wears long hair, neatly tucked them back, leaving the front corrugated wave oblique parting, delicately framing a face. Radiance smoothness, luxury Hollywood glamour underlined juicy cherry lipstick, and the eyes just mascara and barely noticeable eyeliner.

If you like such laying, you can make it, if you choose the dress of adjoining silhouette, in a pinch, cut «mermaid». If you have already bought a Princess dress, you should give up hair style forties – these styles are incomparable. Should also abandon the hairstyle as the Emmy, if you have a round or square face.

Hollywood glamour like Kristen Stewart

The star of «twilight Saga» Kristen Stewart is known for his boyish way that they carry around with them, even going out on the red carpet. But sometimes she makes exceptions, setting an example of elegance and glamour.

One of the film premieres her stylist did Kristen simple, but very feminine hairstyle in which the hair moved to the side and laid radiant soft curls.

To this hairstyle is not looked monotonically slightly brighten tips or give them a different shade. He gives laying dynamics and volume.

прически на выпускной для длинных волос Кристен Стюарт

Kristen Stewart

прически на выпускной для длинных волос Эшли Грин

Ashley Greene

Careless spit like Ashley Greene

Another star of «Twilight»actress Ashley Greene, отрастив long hair, she lay them in the fashion of the spit. If you like Ashley, not very thick hair, you can arm themselves with an example.

The secret of success of this installation, in negligence, which is present both in the matted косичке and the rest of the hair, which it is not got. Similar texture laying good for hair, have at least two shades – so they look much livelier and it becomes more interesting.

Vanguard spit like Blake lively

The idol of millions of girls Blake lively not part with long hair it is naturally not too thick. But the actress is not discouraged, especially because her stylist is constantly inventing more and more new images for its star hairstyles.

You too can easily make it spit, connecting her with straight hair and decorating barrette with rhinestones, weaving in her ribbon. This hairstyle is ideal for very long hair and in addition to the short dress adjoining silhouette. If the outlet you choose a dress-case, this hairstyle for you. If you are staying for something more lush, look the other way, it is more traditional and less daring.

прически на выпускной для длинных волос Блейк Лайвли

Blake Lively

прически на выпускной для длинных волос Лейтон Мистер

Mr. Leighton

Smoothness and radiance like Mr. Layton

Friend Blake lively on the TV series «Gossip girl»actress Leighton Mr., and in everyday life, and at social events prefers classical styles hairstyles. One of the techniques stylist Leighton pulled her hair irons, and gave them the maximum Shine. No KOs, curls and accessories, only beautiful straight hair. To make a hairdo you do not need a stylist, but want a quality tool for capturing this ideal smoothness. By the pulling of hair irons use spray or cream with thermal protection and smoothing effect. Add hair glow with drops of serum, rubbed her palms.

This hairstyle looks good on natural hair chestnut shade, and is the perfect complement to the elegant dresses-case.

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