A variety of vegetables, dainties, delicious twist on the table…It’s the dream of every gardener who wants to see the fruits of your labor. It is in order that the efforts were not in vain, you should carefully approach the selection of seeds for sowing.

“Wholesale seeds”: choose from a variety of options

Specialized shop “wholesale Seeds” offers its customers to purchase the professional seeds of vegetables, melons and field crops. Crops grown from such seeds always pleases as its own flavor and quantity. For reviews of gardeners have “tried” professional seeds in their fields, “harvested after the crops themselves have enough food to entertain family and friends and make healthy and tasty twist on the winter”.

Some active gardeners organize and own a small business, selling the surplus production.

Pros professional seeds

Online store https://optsemena.ru/semena/ogurec large selection of professional seeds of different vegetables, including cucumbers.

What professional seeds differ from regular? Why is it worth to buy them? The main advantage of such seed is a high germination rate. But to achieve the best results for certain crops and varieties important to choose the right type of soil. Soil fertilizer and type of watering also play a role.

Another plus is a good seedling, which is created from professional seeds. In addition, special means the seeds are treated against pests.

Why buy in store “wholesale Seeds”?

The quality of service in the store on top. Competent consultants will always give good advice on choice of seeds and nuances of placing orders. With high quality products, the cost of it available. It attracts buyers. For wholesale buyers — favorable conditions of cooperation. And for those who “looked” to the store for the first time, promotions and discounts on many items.

Payment and shipping

Shipping is done in the shortest possible time. The quickest way to dispatch one of the transport companies. A cheaper but time-costly, option is mail delivery. Cheaper just to pick up the order yourself, if possible. You can pay in cash at current account and cash on delivery. The choice of option — the buyer.

Grow healthy and tasty vegetables from the seeds from the store “wholesale Seeds”.

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