Not necessarily attend expensive salons to maintain a neat appearance of the nails on a professional level. Taking advice from the masters, you can master the simple art of care.

First of all, you must understand a simple truth – nail care must be regular. Much easier to maintain the health of the nail plates, than to restore, reducing brittleness treatment manicure. Not enough adjust the shape of the nail, it is necessary to perform a number of measures aimed at their meals to be proud of the elegant handles.

Especially strong harm ноготочкам cause climatic conditions, such as strong wind, sudden change of temperature, cold, dry air. Often nail condition deteriorates due to frequent contact with chemicals in detergents and tap water. To protect your nails from these factors need in cold weather, wear gloves, and use of creams that can create on the surface of the nail plate semblance of a protective film.

Almost every woman has an excellent understanding of how to care for fingernails, performing simple manicure. At the same time, rarely what the lady remembers that nail cuticle need mitigation. Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of tools developed specifically for the care of nails. If on sale there are no drugs and cream for nail plates, enough to use nourishing cream designed for the skin of hands. Simply, dealing for hands before going to sleep, you should not forget your nails.

A woman has to perform household work. However, you can protect your nails from a bundle, using household gloves. Thus, contact with chemical substances will be reduced to a minimum, for the benefit of the nails and skin. Due attention should be manifest and to the diet. The menu should be present in quantities of fruit and vegetables, ensuring the delivery of essential minerals and vitamins. It is desirable to nourish the nails, using a multivitamin and calcium.

All of these recommendations can be classified as General councils, through which support the health of the manicured nails. Professionals recommend not be limited to, and enter into a permanent care of the special baths of castor oil or vegetable oil. Treatment time is 15 minutes. Pre oil is heated on a water bath.

Then, in the capacity dipped the tips of his fingers to oil completely covers the nails. It is best to perform the procedure on a daily basis. Such approach will allow to nourish the nails vitamins, moisten them and reducing brittleness. Women, who does not possess sufficient time for the preparation of the baths can recommend to lubricate nails a warm vegetable oil with the help of a cotton wool pad.

Instead of vegetable oil use sea salt, perfectly strengthens the nail plate structure. Prepare concentrated warm solution, stirring in a small quantity of water a few tablespoons of salt. That’s the only use this recipe is to be no more 2 – 3 times a week, so as not to cause skin irritation.

Professional nail care will be incomplete if not to take into account some nuances in performance of manicure. Подпиливают nails in one direction, otherwise they will start to delaminate. Masters use metal nail files only when working with acrylic nails. Natural plate require careful handling. Also, rasp should only dry nails.

Before you push the cuticles, to soften it with the help of special tools. In work is used sticks made of wood orange wood or bamboo. Upon completion of manicure plate should be covered drug, creating a protective barrier.

It is forbidden to use acetone to dilute varnish or cleaning claw. Such drugs can cause irreparable harm as nails, which you then have to long to recover.


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