White and healthy teeth – the main component of the first impression about the person. Now with the help of most modern technology, anyone can conquer surrounding his perfect smile. To date, the number of dental clinics and their respective range of services full of variety. In this article we will discuss the most common ones.

1. Prevention of teeth. This type of service is most popular among the population, and often consists of a number of hygienic measures:

  • Teeth whitening, plaque removal and different pigmentations. The procedure is performed using known techniques of “Air-Flow”, which represents the flow through the tip under the pressure of the mixture of air and water with the addition of special powder. Thus, the teeth cleaned and bleached even in remote places, and gain a healthy glow.
  • Removal of Tartar. Many dentists for this procedure choose ultrasonic scaler, which is due to produce oscillation gently and carefully detach the Tartar without damaging the enamel.
  • Polishing gels and pastes. In use of fluoride containing pastes or gels, which give the teeth a perfect smoothness, thereby preventing rapid plaque, stones. Furthermore fluoride is a good preventive measure against tooth decay.

2. Treatment teeth. The time has passed when going to the dentist caused fear and brought a lot of pain. With modern anesthetic drugs fillings no longer cause the patient discomfort.

Immense popularity has gained a polymeric seal, which thanks to a special adhesive, not only doing great in the tooth channel, but also firmly stick to the walls of the tooth. The material of the seals harden under the influence of a special lamp that gives you the opportunity to set the seal on any part of the tooth, to fit the color of the enamel and restore the tooth’s integrity even for large damage, for example after treatment of cysts of the tooth.

3. Prosthetics. Teeth material is not so durable, and under the influence of different factors they can break, crack or crumble. To avoid removal of such teeth in dental clinics, conduct partial or full dentures.

By far the most fast, but reliable form of a partial prosthesis is the installation of veneers. Patients who have thinned or dark enamel, chipped, cracked or broken tooth, dentists is mounted on the outer part of the tooth special plates. Thus, the teeth acquire an aesthetic appearance, in a relatively short period of time.

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