In our age of looking good is important. But sometimes quite difficult, as some innovations are not suited for the price, and the standards for all grow. Nail service is not an exception.

Hands it is important to include in the neat, because they are paying attention almost more often. And here before man choices, or use the services of the salon, or the services of a private masters of nail service.

The main difference from the passenger compartment of a private person is that in the cabin of the client is located in a separate room, while in the case of work with a private entity, all procedures are performed at home. Services of a private master cheaper than the desktop wizard, but it is worth remembering some of the warnings that would be the pursuit of cheapness not turned the loss of health and, as a consequence, much expense.

If the choice fell on a private master, you should follow a number of selection criteria, which is very easy to follow. First, make sure you have a document confirming the availability of skills in this area, that is about the end of the course or school manicure masters. Similar documents are issued to every graduate.

Not superfluous to ask about the experience of the work, which also affects the quality of services. Having learned that the master works not more than two to three months, many customers give preference to a worker with less prestigious diploma, but a great experience. Portfolio, as well, is important. It confirms the quality of the services of the master and his provision will be on hand to the client, who can be sure of the result. And of course the price-list with the prices.

Many people are oriented on prices when choosing a wizard, and this is not the right approach. But, if it really happened, it is a main indicator, then, first of all, you should beware of prices that are too low, even for the customer region. It often happens that the wizard completed studies, but have not yet gained experience, put very low prices of the services to attract customers.

When using the services of these masters, the customer, in fact, acts not as a customer but as a model. Manicure will last more than an hour, nail private master of such rank to implement more than four or five hours. But still, it’s a good option for ladies, have a lot of time or for female students, for example. The consequences of such cooperation may be flaking of the artificial material from the nail that will look not very aesthetically pleasing.

High prices can confuse. If the price compared with other masters, is large enough, then you should expect a specialist at an appropriately high level. But, the problem is that the master of nail service of such a level, newspaper ads gives rare. Under the «level» refers to the presence of large experience, high quality services and, as a consequence, formed clientele. To get to such specialist can essentially only the «tip» of friends and acquaintances.

But it so happens that the master moved to a new city, and therefore the formation of clientele you need to do from scratch, because these ads appear. That would not get in the network incompetent wizard, which simply overpriced, should ask the experience and materials, which wielding wizard.

The vast majority of masters are in the middle price categories. And in it, as in any other, if their warnings and nuances. Suppose the wizard finds, price, experience, location, everything suits especially experience. The impression is that such experience, at such a price, as the action? And so I think everyone, so get on reception to the professional difficult, due to the large demand. But perhaps the situation is Vice versa. A person can invent on their experience, to attract customers, then be wary of the quality of work.

And now, finally, the wizard is selected and it’s time to go to the reception. On arrival you should pay attention to the workplace. If it is not in a separate room, not new, it happens often, but the premises where it is necessary to work should be well ventilated, which would client and specialist did not feel discomfort due to unpleasant smells, appearing in the course of work.

The presence of air purifier is a very good sign as it shows that the wizard takes care of the health of the family and clients, and is worth considering that in the winter window open long to hold you cannot. Of equipment, presence of a sterilizer or сухожарового Cabinet, for processing tools. Many masters prefer to keep tools in the UV-chamber, but they are not full sterilizers.

Just pay attention to the materials and tools used by the wizard. Among them may be, as representatives of the world leading brands, spending huge money on advertising, and not very well-known companies, the inscriptions «Made in China» have never been on one of the products. Information regarding the products confidential is not, and therefore, every self-respecting master is happy to provide information about used vehicles.

Speaking about education, it should be recalled that the master will never hide it. Certainly on the wall or on a table in a frame you can see the diploma or certificate awarded prestigious courses. Such documents may not be much, and the more you have, the more likely get a high quality service.

Sometimes masters create their own websites, addresses of which point the card or in the announcement. The presence of a site on a paid hosting already said that the wizard clients has, and information on the website, among which you can find and photo workplace, and diplomas, and the list of used materials and tools, and photographs of works will help to completely eliminate the «cat in a bag», because the master cares about its reputation.

All the above tips will help significantly reduce the time of searching the wizard to prevent numerous problems during shutdown and save part of the money and time.


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