Беременная Анна Седокова опубликовала в Instagram фото в спортивном топе и крошечных шортах

Closing most of the business issues in Moscow, a pregnant Anna Sedokova flew to Los Angeles, where, apparently, will remain to the birth. However, there the singer is not sitting around, talking about their routine of followers on Instagram. All in the same social network, it regularly shares snapshots from his personal archives. Today, for example, Anna, whose form has long been widened considerably, published their photos in a sports top and tiny shorts.

In the picture in the signature to which Sedokova left only three smiling smiley, was also captured her youngest daughter, Monica. Anna, by the way, does not hide that during the pregnancy gained nearly 15 pounds. A celebrity, this fact did not bother it, and fans of the actress believe that she looks amazing.

I believe that a woman during pregnancy is beautiful! I am very glad that you share this opinion. We must not be ashamed, I’m telling you, girls!

— said Sedokova recently.

Анна Седокова с дочерью Моникой
Anna Sedokova with her daughter Monica

Recall the rumors that the 34-year-old Anna Sedokova waiting for the third child, went a long time, however, the singer officially confirmed their only in the first week of February.

Since then, Anna several times appeared in public in outfits that would not have been able to hide her tummy. And her page on Instagram is full of selfie with humorous captions about her figure and photos with her daughters — 12-year-old Alina and 5-year-old Monica.

Анна Седокова с дочками
Anna Sedokova with her daughters

Анна Седокова с дочками

Дочери Анны Седоковой — Моника и Алина
Daughter Anna Sedokova — Monica and Alina

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