Psychology has long gone beyond the academic science. Its applied significance not only not in dispute, but he is cultivated and is applied almost in all spheres of human life. We know the psychology of business, Economics, advertising, And especially psychology applies to all areas of interpersonal relationships. In this regard, talk about the psychology of family, gender, parents and children of certain age periods etc.

The world practice

Проблемы во всем мире решают психологиThe whole world, in particular Europe and the United States, for many years practicing trust any problems to professionals, this concerns not only the issues of investing or repair in the apartment, but microclimate in the family, the development of relations between the lovers, etc.

Almost every adult European or American has a personal practical psychologist. With him consulted a Memorandum of understanding (rather about the lack thereof) with their children about the difficulties of communication with the elderly, the optimal distribution of household responsibilities between spouses, a choice (or changing) of the profession, etc. with different problems go to different psychologists.

There were such specialization psychologists:

  • family,
  • children’s,
  • teen,
  • psychotherapist and other

Reality of the domestic practical psychology

Отечественная психологияWe like the direction of professional activity has only begun to develop, so that the scale until the person applying for advice or assistance to a specialist of the sphere of practical psychology, do not often meet. Moreover, some stops unbelief in the real result, other hesitate to talk about your personal problems to an outsider.

But appealing to a psychologist can and should be. Only proceed preferably from 2 principal points.

  • The first: it should be viewed as a doctor, that is not afraid to tell him about their difficulties and expect him not to condemnation, and support and effective assistance.
  • The second: you must be able to correctly determine the specialization of the psychologist. Family psychologist does not help your son is a teenager to establish normal relationship with peers, and the child will not understand how to be in a relationship a young married couple, passing the period of «grinding».

What should be the practical psychologist?

Хороший психологWhat psychologist must be professional in their profession and must love her, even not mentioned. In this case, important personal qualities of this person, as well as physical health, for in them in many ways we can judge the success of its activities.

Good psychologist necessarily:

  • He leads a healthy way of life. It is a necessary condition, as chronically высыпающийся or often drinker exposed to shifts in sentiment, prone to irritability, and this is unacceptable;
  • Hardworking. Psychology is not a good specialist can be methodologies relevant 10 years ago. And it’s not just that new more effective, but also in the fact that the old in the existing realities in society may simply not work.

In addition, any client can (and should!) raise suspicion, if the specialist to whom he addressed:

  • Feels disorders in personal life because immediately the next logical question is how that man will help me as soon as he can’t help himself;
  • Messy and not punctual. Such means of his own disordered and «mess» in his head. Psychological assistance implies a clear logical thinking, orderliness and consistency in his thoughts and actions. If a person doesn’t, then he is not a psychologist!

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