фото красивого дизайна ногтей 2013 с ласточками Going to a party, you always want to look simply stunning. Beautiful make-up, a neat hairstyle, dress emphasizing all fine body shape, but… something was still missing. But not enough to all of this set of seductive women manicure! And not simple, but a beautiful manicure! So let’s try to make it and not in the beauty salon or at home.

фото красивого дизайна ногтей 2013 с цветами фото

For beautiful nail design we will need:

  • Lac silver, white, dark red and gold colours.
  • Transparent varnish.
  • Small tweezers.
  • Needle.
  • Rhinestones as asterisks blue.

фото красивого дизайна ногтей 2013 снеговик

фото красивого дизайна ногтей 2013 розовый леопардфото красивого дизайна ногтей 2013 радуга фотофото красивого фруктового дизайна ногтей 2013красивый змеиный дизайн ногтей 2013 фотоStages of execution (photo)  beautiful nail design 2013.

  1. After the preparation of nails for manicure (remove the cuticle and подпиливаем tips of nails) and cover them with a basis under the varnish.
  2. Edge of the nail paint the white lacquer. A bit dry. With the help of silver Polish on a white background to make some spots, leaving between them a place for the red points.
  3. Not giving wither points silver color, apply between them dark red dots.
  4. Then take a needle and carry her on all points, uniting them in one line. Give ground to dry up.
  5. Take the Golden color and оделяем them painted fingernail from the main one. Give to dry.
  6. The location asterisk, tassel put the glue.
  7. Using tweezers and gently presses the asterisk to the nail.
  8. To consolidate the results nails cover with a colourless varnish.

красивый газетный дизайн ногтей 2013 фотофото красивого бирюзового дизайна ногтей 2013Now photos of beautiful nail design 2013 done. You can safely go to any party!

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