фото свадебного дизайна ногтей Every bride wants to look unbeatable in the most important for her day. But with mediocre manicure image will be not enough is bright and full. Therefore, before the final decision about his appearance at the wedding, make sure that the color and pattern you like. In the choice can help photo wedding nail design other brides. So, how to make a perfect manicure?

фото свадебного маникюра

To start is to prepare nails, clearing them from the old varnish, подпилив and pushing the cuticle.

The next important step is the basis for manicure.  Nails should be covered smart enamel or any other colourless varnish. Attention! Is applied only one layer, otherwise the nail can be unnaturally thick.

свадебный дизайн ногтей фото

The further actions depend largely on your imagination. You can choose picked photo wedding nail design, and create the same wonderful manicure. You will need a thin brush, nail painting white or pink, and a toothpick to do on the nails in the least.

свадебный маникюр фото

Incredibly beautiful on your wedding manicure look rhinestones and sequins. Common pattern for this occasion among brides called «Lace». Need to draw on all the nails diagonal or horizontal strip, then varnish drawing perform several arcs on the nail, to get the kind of waves. Inside them you can make a grid, and on the whole surface of the nail with a toothpick distribute drops of pink or white lacquer. So you will have some semblance of the petals.

дизайн ногтей для свадьбы фото

Voila! Beautiful manicure, just like on the photo wedding nail design shines on your fingers! Do not forget to longer dry lacquer before starting to do anything. In any case, manicure should do the morning of the wedding.

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