фото яркого летнего дизайна ногтейSummer is the time when you want to look not only beautiful and fabulously beautiful. Therefore, now you must pay attention to every make of his body and the wardrobe, which can «rush» in the eyes of the people around you. And one of these parts are nails. After all, they can emphasize the beauty of your hands. And what we need to do this? Of course, beautiful and simple manicure, that we try to run, despite photo summer nail design.

фото летнего дизайна ногтей с полосками

фото летнего цветного дизайна ногтей

фото летнего дизайна ногтей фиолетовый леопард

What we need to perform the summer manicure:

  1. Nail Polish transparent.
  2. Lacquer for drawing gold.
  3. Golden sequins.
  4. Acrylic paint white color.
  5. Brush nail design.
  6. Rhinestones.
  7. Lacquer – fixer.

Stages of execution (photo) years of nail design.

фото нежного летнего дизайна ногтей

летний дизайн ногтей с цветами фото

фото яркого красного летнего дизайна ногтей

  1. For more accurate design of nails it is necessary to prepare them for application manicure process cuticles and degrease the nail plate special for this process fluid). And only after that to start applying a transparent varnish.
  2. After some time, when transparent varnish dries, take the Golden paint and draw on the nail, the so-called smile tunic.
  3. Give it to dry on the nail tips apply a little sparkles (you can apply and transparent lacquer). If sequins were in the previous – Golden Lak, then you can skip this step.
  4. Take  dots drawing and white acrylic paint. Draw in any edge of the nail unfinished flower with five petals. Next, there where no flower petals, from his artichokes ends draw 4 semi arc – 2 internal smaller, 2 external подлиней. On the photo summer nail design is well seen.
  5. Next, use a fixer for the nails.
  6. That’s all our summer nail design ready!

фото летнего дизайна ногтей с бантиками

Also we can offer to your attention photo one more unusual summer nail design.

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