фото яркого дизайна ногтей с помощью губки Which women are not dreaming all the time to boast stylish manicure and not spend too much time? If just color nail you Ude tired, pay attention to the photo bright nail designs. Some of them are not that difficult and can be completed within ten minutes. But girlfriends envy and admiration of men will not be the limit!

яркий разноцветный дизайн ногтей фото

Easily and quickly  make the pattern «rainbow». For this you need only colored lacquers and thin brush. Treat nails: sand and slide the cuticle. Manicure has several modifications, suitable choose at its sole discretion.

фото ярких дизайнов ногтей радуга

фото радужного дизайна ногтей

For the basic variant put on nails turquoise Lac so that it does not shone and rests.

Then take a leaf of a foil and put on his white coat. Print the drop of the index finger – get a little cloud.

The next step drawing the rainbow. A thin brush make one strip of violet, blue, green, red and yellow in the middle and ring fingers. Work carefully, the line should adjoin densely to each other.

фото дизайна ногтей облака

On the little finger can draw multiple clouds, and the thumb decorate as desired clouds or rainbow. Clouds can begin to smile in your hand: draw a toothpick funny faces. It will be a pleasant addition to the overall picture of manicure.

You should have a manicure as the photo bright nail designs.

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