перманентный макияжPermanent makeup is the introduction under the skin pigments mineral origin with the help of sterile disposable needles. All should be prepared right in the presence of the client. This technique makeup usually well tolerated, but may sometimes be a pain, which depend on the individual pain threshold and area of application being processed. For people with hypersensitive skin proposes to use криозонда, which relieve the treated area.

You can also ask anaesthetic cream that is applied 30 minutes before the start of the procedure on the lips and eye brow area. To numb the area lashes makeup before taking homeopathic granules Arnica 9CH, which help reduce swelling and pain (9 granules in the morning, 9 in lunch and 9 in the evening and so three days before the procedure).

Contraindications to the permanent make-up

  • allergic reaction to pigments, latex
  • diabetes, hemophilia and other diseases that violate blood coagulation and may contribute to the formation of scars
  • drug treatment (chemotherapy, receiving anticoagulants, and other drugs)
  • oncological diseases in the zone of the procedure

In any case, if you have one or another chronic illness or you are in doubt whether you can do permanent makeup, check with your doctor.

Application of pigment

Before implementation of the procedure of permanent make-up specialist must process a place with a cryoprobe or anesthetic cream. Then you should basting region, determination of lines, shapes, colors, with which the client can accept or reject. This is followed by the work itself needle – driving a pigment that lasts from 10 to 45 minutes depending on the zone.

After the procedure

  • To avoid the «crust»

After 10-30 minutes after the procedure, press the treated area dry paper towel, but be careful not to RUB her skin. This is especially important for the eyebrow region. ‘re finished, when the blood and lymph cease to be allocated.

  • For better healing and comfort

If you made permanent makeup lip, you will have to apply an ointment, putting it in a small amount percussive instruments movements. The frequency and duration of application of the ointment need to read on the package.

If you have at least once in life was labial herpes, you need to avoid the re-emergence after permanent makeup (the third day). More specific recommendations will give you a doctor. This may be the tablet, cream or homeopathic medicines that you need to take four days before the procedure.

If you made permanent makeup eyebrow or on the contour of the eye, apply special cream in the evening. For example, the гомеоплазмин is freely sold at the pharmacy, it is also applied on the area of processing percussive instruments movements fingertips.

Broader lines and intense color immediately after the procedure of permanent makeup is normal. You need to wait until the complete healing, and then processed places will look more and more naturally. For each area of your time. Lips heal in about four days, the contours of the eyes of up to a week, eyebrows up to two weeks.

It is impossible to scratch and RUB the area with fresh permanent make up, you cannot use the pool, sauna, steam bath. It is better to refrain from active water procedures in the period of healing, for example, to wash the hair to be very careful not to get water on the makeup. Cream or ointment for healing must be applied regularly in the morning and in the evening. When permanent eye makeup ink and liner in the days of healing is contraindicated.

If you do not comply with all the regulations, pigment snaps into place.

After a month of permanent makeup

When the zone with permanent make up is already quite overextended, you need to evaluate the result. If the pigment is a natural color and the line of normal thickness, all right. If not, you will need the correction procedure, after which the result will be more satisfactory and color, and form.

What keeps permanent makeup

It all depends on the area of processing, used pigment, from individual peculiarities of organism and how thorough care of people provides their permanent makeup. The contours of the eyes and lips lasts up to 5 years, eyebrow – up to 2 years.

If you made permanent makeup, protect it from the sun’s rays and always apply a sunscreen before going out. Not recommended procedures that steam out the skin (bathhouses, saunas, steam bath for the face) or damage its mechanical (microdermabrasion home peels).

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