The rapid rhythm of modern life, women often prevents to devote sufficient time to care for their appearance. Most girls spend a lot of time morning gathering, especially on the procedure of applying the finishing touches to the face. Not to worry about the condition of makeup throughout the day – dream of every woman. A great alternative to the usual occupation is an effective procedure permanent eye.

What are the advantages of procedure?

Tattoo is something that will allow for a long time to forget about the eyeliner and eye surgery. Will not have to allocate precious time on drawing beautiful, smooth shooter to create a clear path. This procedure will be the most successful solution for those women, who value every minute of their time. The efficiency and durability of permanent makeup is not all its advantages. The procedure not just eliminates the need for daily application of cosmetics, but also provides the following features:

  • to show natural beauty of a woman;
  • if necessary, correct the natural imperfections, such as asymmetric shapes or too sparse eyelashes;
  • to visually improve the shape of the eyes;
  • to make the look expressive and deep, and many other possibilities.

Varieties of tattoo eye

Permanent eye in beauty salons can be carried out in various volumes. One of the most popular types of tattoo is the shading of the space between sparse lashes so gives them the effect of splendor. This procedure is suitable for those women who are too sparse or light eyelashes. This permanent makeup is a natural look, it gives the effect of “no makeup face”.

Also the varieties of tattoo of the eye refers the procedure of drawing arrows on the eyelids. Permanents can be any color, shape and length. Among many Mature women huge popularity of the tattoo with drawing arrows with the feather on the upper eyelid, and simulated shadows.

A wide range of services of permanent makeup is a beauty salon Olga Dobryakova, and detailed information can be found on

Tattoo the eye is the choice of the modern woman, which allows her to always be in shape, without wasting your time on daily makeup application.

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