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Пенелопа Крус сыграет Донателлу Версаче в третьем сезоне сериала "Американская история преступлений"

Penelope Cruz and Donatella Versace

The series “American crime story” (American Crime Story) added a star of the first magnitude – the project was joined by Penelope Cruz, which will create on the screen the image of Donatella Versace in the third season of the popular TV show. His script is based on the book by Maureen Orth Vulgar Favors, released in 1999.

The TV show “American crime story”, telling the audience about high-profile crimes in the United States, the third season will focus on the murder of Gianni Versace, which occurred in 1997 in Miami beach. There were rumors that the younger sister of slain designer, who stood at the head of his brand, will play Lady Gaga. However, the writer and producer of the series Ryan Murphy in January announcedthat the singer will not take part in the filming. And now it became known that the role of Donatella in the new season went to Penelope Cruz.

Gianni Versace will play Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez, and the killer designer – Darren criss. It is reported that the third season of “American crime story” will appear on the screen in 2018. Incidentally, the theme of the second season was hurricane Katrina, and in the fourth season, viewers will witness the story of Monica Lewinsky and bill Clinton.

Пенелопа Крус
Penelope Cruz

Донателла Версаче
Donatella Versace


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