педикюр рыбкамиSalon enables any woman feel like a Queen, break away from everyday life and finally to fully relax. Besides, workers of the industry of beauty care about their visitors and constantly offer various new items that can satisfy even the most sophisticated client. Pedicure fish is just one of such novelties. This direction of cosmetology yet provided only in some salons, but is incredibly popular. About the peculiarities of this procedure tells site Beauty-Hands.ru.

Not every good fish pedicure

The essence of fish pedicure is that the little creatures are literally eat the Horny layer of the skin heels. For them it is real food, and your feet will stay soft and smooth. Bite or a chance to taste a piece of flesh fish can’t, because they only eat the dead cells.

For such a procedure are suitable only certain representatives of the water world. These wonderful fish called garra rufa. They live in the middle East. The greatest number of them in the Jordan river. Pedicure garra rufa first began to be used in these edges. For the full life of the temperature in the reservoir should be not less than 25 degrees.

These fish are very small. The maximum length of individuals – not more than 10 centimeters. However, these babies live in packs and are able to in a few minutes to put the skin of the heels in order. Usually peeling is used 200-300 fishes.

Peculiarities of fish pedicure

Turkey became one of the pioneers in this kind of peeling. Visitors to the local Spa – salons offered not only pedicure, but also cleansing of the entire surface of the skin with the help of small fish. For this purpose it was necessary to go into the shallow pool, and enjoy your vacation, while nimble girl’s work.

In Russian salons offered exclusively pedicure garra rufa. Wishing to try the procedure on itself it is necessary to only omit a foot in the small pool.

Fish are fighting not only with dead skin, but also with the fungus and eczema. Moreover, this variant peeling acts rejuvenating the skin, therefore, to his whole body is very useful.

The procedure is completely painless. Fish no sharp teeth, so there are no nasty bites you feel. Rather it is like a light tickle.

Warm water and movement of fish at the feet give the feeling of comfort and help to relax. Salons offer not only fish pedicure, and massage. Enveloping leg, a small water was created, however, massaging the feet. This procedure is called «ихтиомассаж».

Pluses of fish procedures

Cons pedicure using fish

As with any cosmetic procedure, pedicure using fish has its drawbacks.

  • You should not treat it as a panacea. If things started, and the legs are corns, improve the situation you will not succeed. Fish are able to eat a large amount of dead cells. In any case you will need an additional peeling.
  • Pedicure fish was banned in several countries do not meet sanitary standards. Fish must not be disinfected and replace. They are quite expensive, and salons buy a small number of kids. After each session, water is sterilized with help of ultraviolet lamps. However, in some cases this may not be enough. Choose only certified salons with a good reputation, so as not to risk.
  • This type pedicure is very expensive so affordable not for everyone. Also make it it is possible only once a month. In other times it is better to hold pedicure or other types of peels. Also the site beauty-hands.ru you should moisturize the skin пяточек with cream.

How is pedicure garra rufa?

  • In the beginning you have to wash the feet and dried them with a towel.
  • Next, the wizard pedicure necessarily examines the feet of the client. The fact that the procedure cannot be carried out if the skin has sores or cracks.
  • Now we can proceed to the pedicure. You must put your feet in the warm water of the swimming pool, relax and wait. After 30 minutes your skin on the heels will become soft and gentle.

Ekaterina S. for customers Beauty-Hands.ru


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