аппаратный педикюрThose who at least once has passed hardware pedicure, returning to it again and again. This enjoyable, safe, it is easy to maintain even the most problematic foot in the order that difficult to make the standard way of using water and trimming techniques. Pedicure can become a favorite procedure both for the owners of the complex processing stop, and all the rest, who is suspicious of the sharp subjects even in the hands of a professional.


German heritage

Pedicure in the Russian cosmetic rooms is used not so long ago, about twenty years old. Abroad it is known technique that can be accessed over half a century. First stop processing through the devices introduced in Germany in the sixties. It is this country more than the rest of Europe has succeeded in the field pedicure, famous and oldest professional cosmetics brand to care for your feet just come from there.

So, pedicure, the procedure is not new, but still causes a lot of questions from beginners who are not familiar with it. It is often called «dry pedicure», but this term is somewhat inaccurate. Pedicure carried out without the use of water, but for the softening of hard dead plots and disinfection cosmetics, totally safe, of course. Lack of water, however, is an important moment that the growing ranks of the followers of this type of treatment stop.

By itself, water and steam from its help undesirable by a fungal infection and diabetes, so it is important to use special liquids that do not cause the growth of bacteria. In addition, if on the feet are painful cracks, application of antiseptic liquids more desirable than working with water. This is good pedicure – its versatility and safety.


Technique of apparatus pedicure

During the procedure of apparatus pedicure more often than not used edged classic technique, the wizard removes the hard calluses, corns, ingrown nails, and other problems of the feet by grinding machine with nozzles of different degree of rigidity. The latter is regulated depending on the place of treatment is to remove the skin on the sensitive area will need more careful, for grinding the nail plate, you can use a hard cap. If necessary, and no contraindications can be applied cropping skin педикюрным machine.

Pedicure begins with the processing of a skin antiseptic fluid, which prevents the entering of infection in the course of work. The next stage – the softening of the skin, which must become more pliable to remove polishing. Modern cosmetics, pedicure effective enough and act quickly. They are applied locally on the processing zone and after only ten to fifteen minutes your skin is ready to be removed. Further, it should be soft grinding area of the nail plate together with the cuticle, which carefully отшлифовывается nozzle with a small notch.

After the removal of cuticle is modeling the nail plate, which begins, if necessary, with the circumcision kusachkami. After nail modeling should work directly on the skin of the feet. Through tiny nozzles and their careful effects pedicure allows the master to reach areas that are difficult to process manually, for example, in межпальцевом space, and when it is necessary to carefully cut burrs and safely get rid of ingrown nails.

A tool that already have softened the cornified skin is removed with a cloth and starts grinding with the removal of corneal layer. To work on the skin are different mills and nozzles very gently removes dead skin cells. Berezhnaya working with ensures a good and steady growth of new cells with gradual restoration of the skin, which does not feel the aggressive impact of how this may occur when cutting a sharp razor. For efficient recovery and calm the skin on it are coated with special revitalizing and regenerating compositions. When the procedure of hardware manicure completed, the wizard handles foot moisturizer, oil, then degreases nails and covers them with protective varnish.


The benefits and advantages of apparatus pedicure

  • Lack of water – hygiene and safety for problematic stop.
  • Speed – the procedure takes up to half an hour, whereas the same work in a classic pedicure process would take much more time.
  • Нетравматичность (the operation of a qualified master), which becomes possible not only thanks to the adjustment of the speed of rotation of the milling cutters with different nozzles, but due to the use of professional cosmetics, which soften the only cornified skin without damaging healthy.
  • Painless, which is especially important for owners of corns, calluses, ingrown nails, burrs.

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