жемчужный маникюрBeautiful and neat manicure any woman can make the Queen, stressing her delicate hands, focusing on one of the main parts of its body – on nails. Tenderness, romance and sensuality image – are all present in the skillfully created caring hands fingernails, which were used decorative coating pearl shades. So it’s time to talk on the website Beauty-Hands.ru about pearl varnish for the nails and the charm of its use.

When you create a certain design is very important to consider casual style of a woman, her preferences in clothes, colours. If you prefer to dress in the mood, replacing the black strict dress green t-shirt acid colors, choose a suitable decorative coating, it will be extremely difficult. After all, you need to make your Lac is ideally fit any color of clothing and harmonized with any style. And pearl nail Polish is one of best options.

Romantic tinge and fine overflows allow you to create a neat and gentle manicure for all occasions. Pearl shades of warm and cold tones give the possibility to choose the most optimum alternative in each case. A number of stunning designs that you can perform using pearl varnish for the nails, strike the imagination of even the most experienced masters. If you add more and application foil, your nails will be impossible to take your eyes away.

жемчужный маникюр

Pearl manicure: idea №1

Offer on the website Beauty-Hands.ru the first variant of the pearl design. Make it possible by means of mixing of varnishes different colors, and special procurement, which could be placed on the nail.

To create this design you need varnishes three colors:

  • black
  • white
  • pearl (gray or pink mother of pearl)

Also need a brush for mixing, base and clear coating.

To make such a pearl manicure should:

  1. On coated paper, apply a varnish three specified colours.
  2. Using a brush gently mix them to get rid of clear boundaries, but must remain distinct divorce.
  3. Until dries procurement, inflict on the nail plate basic coverage.
  4. Cutting out the application, gently put it on the prepared nail plate.
  5. Carefully having levelled fingers, cut off the excess.
  6. In the end block off the nail with transparent varnish and leave to dry.

Perform this design can be both natural and artificial nails of different lengths. By the way, if you are confident in their skills and be able to make a beautiful picture without the use of special parts, it is possible to draw directly on the nails.

жемчужный маникюр

Pearl nails: idea №2

We present you another option pearl design using varnishes different colors.

Perform this design should only be artificial nails with long, free edge, in the short nails can make such an option, using the main idea. Although no one can guarantee that this manicure last long. Most likely, you will be able to show off just a few days. But with artificial nails will be no problems, and this pearl design will be able to survive very long.

To create a design you will need:

  • materials for modeling nail plate
  • paint brush
  • black acrylic paint
  • pearl nail Polish three to four different shades.

жемчужный маникюр

As soon as all the necessary facilities will be prepared, you can begin to work on nail Polish of your dreams.

  1. Increasing nails on standard technology, leaving the long edge slightly rounded.
  2. From the inner side of the nail carefully we draw curls and cute leaves.
  3. Continue figure already from the external side of the nail plate. Give a little dry paint.
  4. Take the prepared pearl lipsticks and apply their stripes on the inner side of the artificial nail. Preferably, if the line’m a clearly be joined, and a little imposed one on another.
  5. When the varnish dries, nail overlaps with a colourless varnish or a layer of transparent gel for a smooth, shiny surface.

Believe me, this option looks just amazing. And it is this what you want, creating new ways of shades for your nails. So it is possible to square nails think of a number of design options. Our article will help in this.

With pearl varnish making pictures on the nails is easy, but the main thing is that it looks insanely beautiful. Even the usual classic manicure with nail Polish application delicate pearl tint blocking the entire nail plate, looks amazing. And if to add to it as decor few crystals (even on one nail) or funny bow, the couple divorces different shade or a low-key figure, you get first class manicure, which will be delighted with every woman.

жемчужный маникюр

жемчужный лак для ногтей

жемчужный лак для ногтей


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