Sasha Goias is one of the brightest participants of the TV project Dom-2 made a second plastic surgery. The first time Sasha has resorted to plastic surgery to enlarge Breasts and now she decided to correct the nose.

A young man Sasha, Konstantin, he brought her to the clinic and surrounded by care: “Sasha is a lovely gentle and positive man. When she wanted to have plastic surgery – I tensed. But everything turned out great. Now my girlfriend has the most beautiful Breasts I’ve ever seen and, frankly, it makes me happy! Now, when Sasha decided on a nose job, I’m sure everything will go as it should, especially because she went to the same surgeon, and he is considered the best in Russia, a specialist in rhinoplasty!”

Plastic surgeon Sasha — Tigran A. Aleksanyan said that Sasha is shown septoplasty is surgery to correct a deviated septum. At the same time the surgeon and his patient agreed to work on the aesthetics of the nose. It was decided to make it a little sleeker, a little to narrow and reduce the tip.

Sasha hopes that after the surgery she will get rid of the breathing problems, and difficulties with the choice of angles, in which the curvature of the nose would be less noticeable. Because now her nose is perfect from all sides!

Delicate correction of the nose for Actresses, models and popular bloggers — the usual case. Such operations in Art-Plastik (Moscow clinic of Dr. Alexanian) are held almost monthly. Fame to get some. Other – classified.

For example, exactly the same operation in the clinic of the Art plastic made not so long ago Katya Gordon, a famous model and blogger Nita Kuzmina transformed, thanks to a rhinoplasty with Dr. Alexanian. Among other well-known patients doctors are also called Rose Sabitova, Mikhail Evlanov, Bernikova Victoria and Victoria romanet.

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