Пэрис Хилтон прилетела в Москву

Yesterday, during a business trip model, singer, designer, and socialite Paris Hilton arrived in Moscow. Sunday morning girl taken a walk on the red square, and was photographed on the background of monuments and evaluated the main Christmas tree of the capital.

Earlier, the 32-year-old Hilton pleased with the visit of fans in Siberia and Ufa. Tour Paris in Russia started on December 16. When it will end is not yet known. Hollywood blonde takes part in autograph sessions, and collects dolls.

Paris remains enthusiastic about the Russia: every day she puts in Instagram dozen photo with declarations of love for the Russian people and our country in General.

SPLETNIK.RU offers a look at the photo information about adventure Paris Hilton in Ufa, Siberia and Moscow. Welcome, Paris!

пэрис хилтон
Paris Hilton on the red square

пэрис хилтон-1
Paris Hilton in Moscow

пэрис хилтон в москве
Paris Hilton and main Christmas tree of the Moscow

пэрис хилтон в сибири
Paris Hilton in Siberia

пэрис хилтон в сибири-1

пэрис хилтон-6
Paris Hilton in Ufa

пэрис хилтон-7
Paris Hilton landed in Moscow

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