Dye for eyebrows especially indispensable in the case when you are not satisfied with the color of your eyebrows or saturation, to resort to paint for the eyebrows just be sure. It is important to know the necessary intricacies of this case.

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So tell, how to choose paint for the eyebrows and how to use it at home.

How to choose paint for the eyebrows

There is a special paint for the eyebrows, which adapts to the peculiarity of the hairs and the skin around the eyebrows. To find the minimum number out of a tube of hair dye — not worth it. After all, the last will be the most aggressive in the chemical composition for the delicate skin around your eyebrows.

Before you apply the paint on your eyebrows, you should test the skin for allergic reactions. To do this, dissolve the paint with water as in the instructions and apply to the skin of the hands. If after 10 minutes will not appear in any reaction (except natural), then you can begin the procedure.

The paint should be different from your hair 2 shades.

Select the paint also to the mind. For brunettes should take the paint that is a lighter shade of hair, for blondes, light brown and red — brown color.

How to paint eyebrows at home

Of course, you can go to a specialist and surrender (your eyebrows) in the hands of the professional who will do everything perfectly. However, to carry out the procedure for eyebrow you can own. Most importantly, very carefully and with a trembling hand.

So, when a scratch test you’ve already passed, for eyebrows you will need:

  • Dye for eyebrows;
  • A thin brush for drawing;
  • A cotton pad or wand;
  • Fat cream.

But, before you apply paint, it is necessary to model the shape of the eyebrows. Apply a greasy eyebrow pencil and define them with the beginning and end of the eyebrow. Connect the dots top and bottom. So you can make a template, which is easy and safely you can apply paint.

Stages of eyebrow paint

  1. Apply on the skin around the eyebrows rich cream, but don’t do eyebrows. It is necessary that you do not accidentally hurt the paint skin.
  2. Dissolve the paint, as stated in the instructions.
  3. Apply paint on the eyebrows with the brush. You should start from the top. And remember, young apprentice, the inner tip of the eyebrows have to be lighter compared to the external.
  4. Gently make it eyebrows and don’t go for the contour.
  5. Hold the paint about 15 minutes and remove with a wet cotton swab or drive.


To make it easier to “pin covered”, see these videos that clearly show and tell how to paint eyebrows paint.

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