Italians in Russia: Monica Bellucci at the opening of the beauty corner in Moscow

Итальянцы в России: Моника Белуччи на открытии бьюти-корнера в Москве

A couple of hours ago Moscow hosted the opening of the beauty corner of Dolce&Gabbana in one of the Department stores, which was attended by the creators of the brand and their “Muse” Monica Bellucci.

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The technique of colored stepping on nails: how to make figures?

Drawing on the nail stamping became popular with many women just a few years ago. His popularity he gained thanks to the variety of paintings and to its ease of application. To create a manicure, using colour stamping quite simply, it is enough to have all the necessary materials… Read More →

UV-lamp for nails: the harm exaggerated?

Not a single expert in the field of medicine and cosmetology cannot give a clear answer, is it really harmful ultra-violet light for nail or still the danger is exaggerated. This is due to the fact that doctors have suspected that women who… Read More →

Calendar "Gossip": 10 strongest marriages musicians

Календарь "Сплетника": 10 самых крепких браков музыкантов

on 12 March 1969, Paul married Linda Eastman, who lived more than 30 years. On the occasion of the anniversary of this day remember the strongest marriages musicians.

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Where to find money today? Peculiarities of modern credit

kredit-rssIf you do not have enough money to pay, you can always formalize a credit in the Bank. However, be careful in their waste, remember that the money should be returned. Read More →

Long evening dress fall-winter 2014-2015 (+18 photos)

We offer you to get acquainted with the collection of evening dresses American designer of the famous brand Reem Acra. In the new season he makes accents on the bright evening gowns – blue, red, pastel colors. Read More →

Pupa cosmetics - Italian lessons of seduction

косметика PupaWhen it comes to cosmetic brands, Italy remember not in the first place. Lavra leader belong to France, which has no equal neither in the ornamental or in caring cosmetics. Familiar as noted German medical cosmetics, of course, not without American brands. But Italian cosmetics often left side. If only someone would remember what brand Pupa just come from fashion capital of Milan. Pupa cosmetics appeared in 1974 and since then, for almost forty years now, never ceases to amaze and surprise young girls and Mature women who continue to enjoy it for years.


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Nothing pity: Ciara spent $ 20,000 on children for the future baby

Ничего не жалко: Сиара потратила 20 тысяч долларов на детскую для будущего ребенка

It became known that Ciara not skimp on the arrangement of future housing unborn firstborn: the singer has spent $ 20,000 on children’s bedroom.

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What foreign languages the most popular among women?

inostr-rssThe study of foreign languages is not a problem, because there are many different courses and trainings that’s why many women want to own at least one. Read More →

"Малефисент": new poster with Angelina Jolie

"Малефисента": новый постер с Анджелиной Джоли

Appeared in the net official poster of the new film “Малефисент”. Leading actress Angelina Jolie appeared in the form of an evil witch with horns and red lipstick.

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