Cool nail design

Прикольный дизайн ногтейSometimes every woman bothers be strict lady, want something unusual and fun. Not each of us will dare to paint hair in green, but the cool nail design will emphasize the individuality and raise your mood. So, first of all, as during any… Read More →

Hairstyles for long hair every day - practice makes perfect

прически для длинных волос на каждый деньWeekdays knowingly often called gray or severe. For someone they really are, and to make them more palatable, women sometimes need a new purchase or a partial change of the image. New hairstyle can cardinally change the mood from minus to plus, especially if this hairstyle you will wear every day. If you have long hair, and you wear the uniform ponytails or распускаете them, you urgently need to adjust your style. Hairstyles for long hair every day surprisingly diverse and not let you get bored.


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Fashion coats of autumn-winter 2013-2014 (+photos)

In the collections of fashion designers presented a plethora of outerwear for the season autumn-winter 2013-2014. But for sheepskin – they are very few. This season couturier prefer to have a warm coat with a fur collar, warm fur coats or jackets-косухам. Fashionable sheepskin represented in the collections of Bally, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vera Wang, Blumarine, Louise Vuitton. Photo fashionable sheepskin autumn-winter 2013-2014: Read More →

Gel nail design

Дизайн ногтей гелемHow to create nail design has long been restricted to drawings. Today is a very popular extension and all that with it is connected. As a result, your nails will become a true piece of art. The network can find step-by-step design, perhaps, of all kinds of nail art…. Read More →

Mens hairstyles for long hair - in search of individuality

мужские прически для длинных волосMens hairstyles for long hair not differ the same variety, both female, and this is normal. Every year the number of men who opt for a long hair, increases because it is believed that such hair create a more stylish and youthful image. Every year the number of men’s hairstyles for long hair grows, and each time outside observers are amazed diversity characteristic of the style for the stronger sex.


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Nail design needle

Дизайн ногтей иголкойFlowers were and still remain the most popular topic for drawings on ноготках, because all the fair sex crazy about them. We offer you step by step create a flower nail design a needle in purple colours. However, the color palette is always for the… Read More →

Natural deodorants own hands

дезодорант своими руками

Two recipes homemade deodorants. Solid oil, soda, starch ethers – that’s all you deodorant and without any aluminum salts and other modern horror stories. The effectiveness of deodorants should be checked in practice, the author of the recipe says that even in extremely потливую pregnancy she really helped. So what should and see us some time to try, and then suddenly aluminium salts and actually carcinogenic? All happens in life.

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Nail design 2013: French

Дизайн ногтей 2013: френчThe most sophisticated, versatile and aristocratic French manicure was and will always be at the peak of popularity. Nail design 2013: French captivates by its beauty and exclusivity. This year he admits experiments with rich decor, whether sequins, crystals or something else…. Read More →

Nail design with fimo: characteristics of fimo and master class

Bright and cute figurines of decorating nails modern and bright girl, have become a common design option. Increasingly, professionals and ordinary women have resorted to the use of these striking plates to create a beautiful mi neat manicure. What is nail design with fimo, and which features of its implementation exist, will tell you on the website What is fimo? […] Read More →

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair style Elizabeth to the podium hairstyles

красивые прически для длинных волосBeauty is relative, subjective and purely personal. Moreover, when talking about women’s beauty, which is seen with mass points of view, taking into account the different aspects of personality. But all this theory, which is often at odds with the practice, because some things, objects at first sight seems fine. So feminine make-up and hair from long hair to catch your eye immediately.


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