Emilia Clark will play Sarah Connor in the fifth "the terminator"

Эмилия Кларк сыграет Сару Коннор в пятом "Терминаторе"

Star of the TV series “Game of thrones” Emily Clark won the role of Sarah Connor in the fifth part of “Terminator”. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also involved in the project.

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How to cut your nails properly: in what day and what time?

In ancient Egypt, women took care of the nails and even colored them. In those days, of course did not exist modern varnishes, but henna perfectly substituted for them. Beauties knew that cut the nails should be careful not to damage the skin. Since ancient times, it was believed that the condition and appearance of Read More →

Chloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom officially divorced

Хлое Кардашьян и Ламар Одом официально развелись

The star of the reality show Chloe Kardashian and NBA basketball player Lamar Odom have issued official divorce after four years of marriage.

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Helen Mirren and other celebrities at the American Cinematheque Award

Хелен Миррен и другие селебрити на American Cinematheque Award

Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsley and other celebrities at the ceremony the awards American Cinematheque Award Jerry Брукхаймеру.

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Weekly battle covers: 09

Click to enlarge Another week comes to an end, and this Friday fell on the last number 13 in the past year. Despite this, devil’s date” is no exception, and we vote for the best cover of the weekly gloss. On the cover of HELLO! Alexey and Agnes Чадовы tell the story of his love, Read More →

Marilyn Monroe: the secrets of beauty

Мэрилин Монро: секреты красоты

Marilyn Monroe and there is a standard of beauty and attractiveness. We can say that the actress was a pioneer in the field of beauty and вэллнесс: many of the principles of her life were the trends in our days.

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New year's nail design: festive mood

новогодний дизайн ногтейNew year is one of the most beautiful holidays, parties, friendly meetings, gatherings and corporate events. These days you can afford the bright and daring outfits, most creative hairstyles, most frivolous behavior. A festive new year’s nail design will serve as an excellent addition to any image.


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Christmas cards stars: Hugh Hefner, fergie, Kim Kardashian and other

Рождественские открытки звезд: Хью Хефнер, Ферги, Ким Кардашьян и другие

Hugh Hefner, fergie, Kim Kardashian and other celebrity shared with fans traditional festive postcards with images.

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Nail home: the pros and cons of the procedure

Beautiful, long nails always look stylish and seductive. That is why today it is practically impossible to imagine a modern girl without manicure, besides, today you can easily extend nails and at home. In just a few hours you can get a beautiful nails should appeal for help to the master of manicure. Of course, Read More →

Rooney Mara, and Olivia Wilde at the premiere of the tragicomedy "She"

Руни Мара и Оливия Уайльд на премьере трагикомедии "Она"

On the eve, at the Los Angeles theatre DGA the premiere of the movie “It” directed by spike Джонза. The event came Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde, Joaquin Phoenix, and others.

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