Katy Perry and John Mayer recorded a duet

Katy Perry and John Mayer now have not only a romantic relationship, but also the joint work. Artists have recorded a track together under the name of Who You Love, who also composed in co-authorship. The song was included in the new album Mayer Paradise Valley, and promotional shots for singles created photographer Mario Sorrenti. Read More →

Top 10 stars, which sought on the Internet most often in 2013

Топ-10 звезд, которых искали в интернете чаще всего в 2013 году

Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Madonna and other celebrities were in the list of “Top 10 of stars, which searched the Internet more often”.

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"50 shades of gray": Rita Ora will play the sister Christian warming

"50 оттенков серого": Рита Ора сыграет сестру Кристиана Грея

British singer and actress Rita Ora appears in the film adaptation of the acclaimed novel E. L. James “50 shades of grey. The girl will perform the role of sisters of Christian warming – conscripted into army.

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How to make a nail «Soft square»: the secrets of the masters of manicure

Manicure is an integral part of the overall care of appearance. Due to the diversity of styles everyone can choose the most acceptable variant of registration of a nail plate. Many simply forget that before you make the shape of the nail, it is necessary to pay attention and many… Read More →

The secrets of health and beauty - Dead sea

mert-more-rssWant to improve their health, well enjoy the unique historical places? Then rest and treatment in Israel can be very useful for you. Read More →

"Not of this world: Kate moss in the advertising campaign beauty brand

"Не от мира сего": Кейт Мосс в рекламной кампании бьюти-бренда

In the network there was a first official photo from the new advertising campaign of the British, the face of which during last 12 years is Kate moss.

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Award nominees Golden Satellite Awards

Объявлены номинанты премии Golden Satellite Awards

Became known nominees Golden Satellite Awards. Among them actors Benedict Кабербэтч and Sandra Bullock movie “Life Adel”, series “Battle of thrones” and others.

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Kate moss in a photo shoot for the jubilee issue of men's magazine

Кейт Мосс в фотосессии для юбилейного номера мужского журнала

On the eve of the BFA, where Kate moss will be one of the victors of the evening, model debuted in Playboy. Kate appears in the image сексапильного “signature” hare.

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Happy birthday, Britney Spears: seven best videos pop Princess

С днем рождения, Бритни Спирс: семь лучших клипов поп-принцессы

Britney Spears turned 32 years. Our eyes and it turned out cute Schoolgirls woman in vamp. Recall the most vivid moments of her life and creativity.

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Dandruff is a catastrophe on the head

перхотьDandruff is a syndrome that is characterized by plentiful scaly patches or plaques scalp, and, sometimes, itching. Although it is not contagious and is rare in severe forms, it is difficult to treat and can cause considerable psychological distress.


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