Spring summer 2014: all the trends of 200 photo

Canary yellow, salmon, sickly pink… Read More →

Nail piercing at home: is it possible?

Today the industry of nail service offers a lot of ideas that can make the image of a stylish and memorable. One of the most popular directions – nail piercing, such detail precisely will not remain unnoticed. Nail piercing is a procedure in which a grown part of the nail… Read More →

Nail design-in Egyptian style: to whom do they fit?

Ladies all over the world have turned their eyes towards the mysterious Egypt. Still, ethnic motifs of this country, in all the colors of playing well polished ноготках women, become a real trend. In the classic version of nail design-in Egyptian style involves the use of saturated terracotta,… Read More →

How to make a quick manicure: professionals reveal map

Well-groomed nails have become an indispensable attribute of the image of the modern woman. Not always possible to put in order the hands of an expert. Sometimes you have to do all the work independently and within a short time. Nobody says that fast and beautiful manicure succeed at the first attempt…. Read More →

How easily pump up the buttocks?

yagodicy-rssThe glutes are very attractive part of the body. Not only men pay attention to this part of the body. How to make the buttocks more attractive? Read More →

How to grow long and strong hair?

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Bed rest horoscope

postel-rssAll women are different horoscope, and therefore by nature. This should be considered when choosing a gift. This applies to the bedclothes. That gift is better? Read More →

Why all want to try new pedicure fish?

In essence, pedicure is very useful, but not entirely pleasant procedure. It is connected with a number of factors, the main of which is the professionalism of masters. Much nicer new pedicure using fish. Pedicure is a procedure which is performed in beauty salons. The essence of this procedure is to remove the keratinized skin Read More →

Construction and interior a child's room on Feng Shui

detskaya-komnata-rssInterior designing in the children’s room is funny but not very simple. It is necessary to provide a set of nuances. What, where and how to position tells Feng Shui. Read More →

Arrangement of furniture and Oriental wisdom of Feng Shui

mebel-rssInterior designing and arrangement of furniture in the apartment should be thought out in advance. At first glance the case is simple enough, but there are some pitfalls. Read More →