Homemade masks for lip augmentation

домашние маски для увеличения губ


Who said that thin lips you can correct only drove them in a couple of tablespoons of collagen, or even your own, sorry, fat? Everything can be much easier. Perhaps, Angelina Jolie’s lips you in a way not get, but here’s a neat little sponges Megan Fox completely, if, of course, still накрасите with knowledge of the case.

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International Dating sites or how to marry a foreigner

za-inostranca-rssDreaming of marriage with a foreigner? Then the first thing you need to register on the site. But this is not enough. How to get attention? Read More →

Chanel boy - fashionable handbag season (+17 photos)

Chanel bag Boy became a subject of dreams and one of the most sought after handbags for many girls, who are experts in fashion and adore Chanel mark. So, newfangled Chanel bag Boy is a classic small handbag long strap vintage and modern style. Handbags are made with emphasis on men’s style, and depart from the feminine motives – clear […] Read More →

Gingerbread cookie for cleansing the face (video)

очищающая маска для лица в домашних условиях


Sometimes the video is so amazing in its clearness, that you want to immediately run to the kitchen to quickly mix oatmeal dough for gingerbread and apply it on the face for the purification, rejuvenation and improvement of the complexion. The following video is a glaring and surprisingly delicious example.

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Nail files for pedicure

Пилки для педикюраSawing pedicure are intended to shape the nails, their polishing and grinding. They perform a variety of functions, so they have a different granularity. The size of a nail file standard length 17-18 cm, width – 1.5-2 see the Shape can be classic, straight or slightly… Read More →

Аквапилинг foot: methodology of the procedure

For many women, the model of summer shoes is almost always calluses, corns, cracks and other such problems. Yes and at any other time of the year a woman is not insured from other troubles with shapely legs that not only deprive their attractiveness, but also bring a lot of pain. Cope with all these problems will help to such procedure as аквапилинг […] Read More →

Japanese pedicure

Японский педикюрPopular Japanese pedicure is fairly effective system of care for natural nails, which promotes nutrition, strengthening and growth of the nail plate. Japanese pedicure also recommended after removal of artificial nails, if natural nails need intensive rehabilitation. Using this kind of… Read More →

Homemade facial masks with pumpkin

домашние маски для лица с тыквой

Pumpkin probably the most dramatic sign of the coming of autumn, and quite cheerful, optimistic, and it is very useful for skin symptom. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, which restores and softens the skin, antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E, which help to restore the skin, protect it from free radicals and increase collagen production. Contained in the pumpkin beta-carotene protects the skin from cell degeneration. So, to urgently take the pumpkin on beauty adopted!

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Stand for pedicure

Подставка для педикюраIn our time there are many types of pedicure. However, the variety of procedures should be accompanied by the professionalism of the masters, and convenience for our clients. Stand for pedicure is also compulsory, as the Barber chair at the beauty salon. Stand for pedicure with his hands is Not a secret that… Read More →

How to choose Curling hair: basic criteria and parameters

как выбрать плойку для волосYou want to choose Curling hair, but don’t know where to start? Before you make a purchase, you should take into consideration several factors, including the type of Curling, its diameter, the material from which it is made, and its technical characteristics.


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