In this cruise collection Thomas Meyer decided to focus on flawless execution, and not on the ideas and experiments. So, for example, to create the shoes were invited masters from Morocco. Not less attention was paid to the materials – different combinations of fabrics, crocheting, embroidery and other elements which are combined into a rich and workshop collection. The things are not like […] Read More →

домашние средства от растяжек на коже тела

The reason for the appearance of stretch marks on the skin can become a pregnancy, rapid weight gain or weight loss, rapid growing up, when the skinny girl too quickly becoming a woman, and more. Whatever the reason for the appearance of stretch marks, to make them not as noticeable or, if lucky, and completely get rid of them to help our good old peeling, moisturizing, nutrition and firming.

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Dressed in yellow and gold shades. Read More →

Collection of Oscar De La Renta Resort 2014 presents in a traditional romantic and feminine style. Despite the experiments with joint collection with John Galliano designer returned to its original style. By tradition, the core of the collection floral prints and embroidery in the forms and silhouettes of the 50s. Photo collection of Oscar De La Renta spring-summer 2014: Read More →

The problem of dry skin on the heels are not as harmless as it may seem at first glance. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also can lead to unpleasant consequences. What danger carries rough skin on the heels and how to make the feet soft and gentle, read the article from the site Causes of dry skin Often stop […] Read More →

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova graced the March… Read More →

What to choose: a trip to the salon or a manicure? The answer is obvious. The presence of a certain skill, ideas and material – all you need. To convince you that we’ve put pictures on nail design reflect the most beautiful options in the world, probably… Read More →

The last directory trendy Swatch watches offers bright, original versions of hours. Great range and diversity of models will make you long review this collection of Swatch watches. Here you will find both classical elegant model of male and female hours, and the last novelties of bold colors. In the collection there are children watch. Photo catalog of Swatch watches official website Read More →

Air and light selling collection Emilio Pucci is a little different from the usual set of dresses and feminine images. Peter Дюндас this time imbued very seriously – at least tissues, so the light closet was able to fit in your hand Luggage. Casual dress replaced ensembles of pants, shorts, blouses and jackets that will create the owner with a minimum of things maximum variations of […] Read More →

Summer is the time enjoying the beauty of nature, but throughout her life. In this period, the nature wakes up from sleep, smells fresh, I want to live and enjoy every moment of a new day. Designers also do not sleep during this time period. They are working on a new fashions and trends. The designers were not a party, of course, and […] Read More →