Меган Фокс и Брайан Остин Грин сводили сына в гимнастический зал

Megan Fox waiting for the birth of a second child, went on the radar of social life. However, the paparazzi are not asleep!

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Кристен Белл и Дэкс Шепард потратили на свадьбу всего в 142 доллара

Almost two weeks ago Kristen bell Дэкс Shepard legalize their relationship. As it turned out, the wedding cost actors just 142 dollar, given the gasoline.

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На Карла Лагерфельда подают в суд

Karl Lagerfeld is known for its venomous comments, but this time because of them, the designer may be in trouble. A group of French team intends to sue the couturier.

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Наоми Кэмпбелл упрекнула Викторию Бекхэм в дискриминации

Naomi Campbell accuses designers in the discrimination of black models. Not escaped criticism and girlfriend supermodel Victoria Beckham.

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маски от секущихся кончиков волос в домашних условиях

Agree, in a rugged, самосркаблении there is something mental, sort of hell-bent on a quest to strip off everything superfluous, to be cleansed, to rejuvenate, to start all over again. So why not combine these two factors: самоскрабление and complacency, that certainly out of the bathtub new person, fragrant wine with lavender, cinnamon, honey, coconut chocolate and neroli with brown sugar. “Or there’s a win-win situation mint, lemon, but it is for the morning psychedelic заскоков.

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mult-rssIf your kid likes to go to the cinema on cartoons, this week. In the film you can see some new and interesting cartoons. Read More →

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домашние маски для жирной кожи лица


Oily skin facial, this is not surprising, also needs additional nutrition, although it would seem, in itself makes it more abundantly. But to rather aggressive care, which, as a rule, persistently subjected to oily skin, turning it into a sensitive and over-dried, do not neglect complementary feeding, including fats.

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What if approaching wedding party, and the classic French manicure bride did not inspire? Make an image of bright creative ideas to help nail design, which bailed out, no one stylish girl. For decades the perfect manicure bride is considered a classic French. Even the decor of… Read More →

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