Lancome Hypnose - hypnotic passion

Lancome HypnosePerfumery products has a different effect. It can awaken the desire to excite, but also calm, charming, lull. Some fragrances-profile names, for which, however, remains a mystery and desire as soon as possible to discover all of his notes. Lancome Hypnose just a fragrance. He has a hypnotic effect, the stupefying effect, which some flow into the sensual trance, while others simply do not withstand the onslaught of his vanilla chords.


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Victoria Лопырева married in the Maldives

Виктория Лопырева вышла замуж на Мальдивах

In the microblog Victoria Лопыревой photo appeared, according to which the model and TV presenter married footballer Fyodor Smolova. News reports blogger marishka1.

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Designs short nails: simple winning patterns

For girls manicure is not just a way of self-expression or a flight of fancy, it is a unique opportunity to have a beautiful and well-groomed hands are sure everyone will pay attention to. What should we do with short nails? Not everyone is given by nature to have long and healthy nail plates, so Read More →

The most popular on YouTube in 2013: Miley Cyrus and other

Самые популярные на YouTube в 2013 году: Майли Сайрус и другие

In the list of the most viewed music video of this year includes clips Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.

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Hugh Jackman and other stars celebrated Christmas with Barack Obama

Хью Джекман и другие звезды отметили Рождество с Бараком Обамой

Hugh Jackman, Sheryl crow and other stars took part in the grandiose celebratory concert of Christmas In Washington organized by Barack Obama and his family.

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Evolution: Orlando Bloom

Эволюция: Орландо Блум

Orlando bloom recently in the spotlight: actor travels the world in part of the promotional tour film “the Hobbit: Heath Смауга”. We have tracked the evolution of the appearance of the star.

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Your perfect French manicure nails at home

Collection of varnishes for a French manicure was released 1976 Jeff Kick, the founder of the company ORLY. The first issue nails in this style became Hollywood Actresses. It fits almost any outfit and looks stylish. First French manicure performed in the discreet style -… Read More →

The star of "Lawrence of Arabia" Peter O Toole died in his sleep

Звезда "Лоуренса Аравийского" Питер О'Тул скончался во сне

Irish actor Peter O’toole died in his sleep on 82nd year of a life. Fame brought him the role in the drama “Lawrence of Arabia”, filmed in 1962.

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Miley Cyrus undressed in support of the struggle with censorship in the USA

Майли Сайрус разделась в поддержку борьбы с цензурой в США

Miley Cyrus undressed in support of the documentary “Loose nipple”which is directed on struggle against the American law on censorship.

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Cosmetics Letual - star shopping

косметика ЛетуальEvery woman in Russia is well aware that a cosmetics Letual. Shops selling perfumes and cosmetics lot – enough to be procured in them close to home, and at the best price. But the network «L’etoile» few people shy away from, because on the shelves of its stores always find everything you need any woman. And even a little more.


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