"Сказка о золотом петушке": новая коллекция Алены Ахмадуллиной

In the framework of the Russian fashion Week held a show of Alena Akhmadullina: designer presented a collection inspired by the “Tale of the Golden Cockerel”.

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"Серебряная калоша"-2013 в Кремле

In the Kremlin Palace hosted the ceremony of awarding the “Silver galosh”-2013. Under the leadership of Ksenia Sobchak and Alexander Gordon guests have traveled to the Soviet past.

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mesyachnie-rssMenstrual pain in women meet pretty often. And some they proceed with the unbearable pain. How to deal with it and what to do in such cases? Read More →

Натали Портман о любовных сценах с Крисом Хемсвортом и "Оскаре"

Natalie Portman is now engaged in the promotion of the movie “Thor: the Kingdom of darkness”. In a new interview star speaks about this project and what else is happening in her life.

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Уилл Смит и Джада Пинкетт Смит временно расстались

Media reports said will Smith and jada Pinkett Smith have a few months of not living together. The couple married for 15 years and raising two children.

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Women always seek for beauty, surrounding themselves with beautiful things and their appearance embodying beauty. One of the procedures for beauty women – nail. Today there are different kinds of nail. In the present procedure nail received great… Read More →

Ancient Greece was the starting point of a new spring-summer collection, Alexander Terekhov, lookbook which is at the disposal of SPLETNIK.RU. Key print season is ornamental rim, which adorns many of the models presented. Striking features are the large gold and silver buttons depicting a deer and patch pockets. By the way, this time the Read More →

Меган Фокс и Брайан Остин Грин сводили сына в гимнастический зал

Megan Fox waiting for the birth of a second child, went on the radar of social life. However, the paparazzi are not asleep!

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Кристен Белл и Дэкс Шепард потратили на свадьбу всего в 142 доллара

Almost two weeks ago Kristen bell Дэкс Shepard legalize their relationship. As it turned out, the wedding cost actors just 142 dollar, given the gasoline.

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На Карла Лагерфельда подают в суд

Karl Lagerfeld is known for its venomous comments, but this time because of them, the designer may be in trouble. A group of French team intends to sue the couturier.

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