Звезды на презентации нового проекта Натальи Водяновой

The CSR “Garage” Natalia Vodianova introduced a new project. Support top model and philanthropist came Ksenia Sobchak, Natalya Goldenberg, Andrey Malakhov and other celebrities.

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To the new year’s party to be the most irresistible, you should think in advance of his image. Find a beautiful dress, shoes, accessories, think of hairstyle and new year’s nail design. Fashion nails will be the most important accessory for the new year together. You don’t have to go to the salon… Read More →

Well-groomed nails is an important component of a beautiful image. We can say that the final touch that makes the image of the ideal woman. For its creation in women armed with a mass of means. Including “repair”, because even the most beautiful and healthy nails can break and even crack. Spoiled the mood of Read More →

The talk show the Ellen DeGeneres soloist of The Black Eyed Peas fergie demonstrated excellent form. The singer admitted, that in a difficult battle for his appearance helped her with a peculiar hybrid of yoga and belly dancing. Later, four months after genera the firstborn of the 38-year-old artist has been able to restore a Read More →

Вайнона Райдер снимется в сиквеле "Битлджус-2"

In a recent interview, Winona Ryder stated that comes off in the second part of the Comedy tapes of the extravagant bio-экзорцисте Битлджусе.

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косметика ШанельName Chanel is connected with a fashion as closely as probably no other. But not only with fashion, because, unlike many of the other houses, producing a collection of Haute couture and pret-a-porter, Chanel launches and cosmetics, which have today considers it an honor to any woman. And let it has a curative effect, solving the problems of the skin, which in our stressful time enough. Chanel cosmetics of high quality, but for many it is just a name, legend, encased in a stylish uncluttered packaging with two crossed letters «C».


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Hi to everyone. Of all existing simulators to the most popular include exercise bike. Regular classes on it to help sufficiently lose weight, strengthen your back muscles and legs, heart and blood vessels. Currently available in various models bike. These differences can be mass, mechanical action and the number of programs. You can give preference, Read More →

Миранда Керр и другие звезды на автомобильной презентации

In Los Angeles held a presentation of a new car from a known luxury brand which was attended by Miranda Kerr, Kelly Osbourne and other stars.

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Beautiful well-groomed hands look very beautiful. On the hand, you can determine the age of the woman and her inner world. Therefore it is very important to take care of your hands, keep the nails in the order, and, of course, to decorate them. In the modern world there are more and more opportunities. Manufacturers Read More →

Адам Ливайн возглавил рейтинг "Самых сексуальных мужчин года"

Adam Levine was the sexiest man of the year according to the People magazine. In the interview he talked about a future wedding with Бехати Принслу and sang for fans of Serenade.

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