Because pregnancy is changing not only the internal state of a woman, but her appearance, many mothers lose faith in their appeal. Hence the desire to make themselves better with a manicure. But how is this useful? Pregnancy is always a joyous event. But along with this event may cause the woman panic. Most often Read More →

"Во все тяжкие": альтернативная концовка драматического сериала

Bryan Cranston, who played a major role in теледраме “In all serious, made my own version of the final series of the popular television film.

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17 Nov Givenchy spring-summer 2014 (+121 photo) In the new collection Givenchy spring-summer 2014 Riccardo Tisci departed from the usual images and must-have sweaters and свитшотов. This time the emphasis is on dresses with Drapes. Inspired by the creativity Madame Alix GRE he skillfully uses draped in suits and dresses. Part costumes dedicated to the Read More →

Шарон Стоун, Хилари Суонк и Кеша на гала-вечере amfAR

Guests of the gala evening amfAR Sharon stone, Hilary swank and Cache chose a classic outfit – “little black dress”. But as it turned out, each with their own view on the subject of the wardrobe.

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Дакота Джонсон: "Я разрыдалась, когда получила роль в "50 оттенков серого"!"

Dakota Johnson admitted that she burst into tears immediately after she got the role Анастейши in the film adaptation of “the 50 shades of grey.

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Provenance Tales: парфюмерные сказки от Rouge Bunny Rouge

Three fabulous fragrance collection Provenance Tales is the story of the world, is told in the language of perfume. The author works – brand Rouge Bunny Rouge.

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Most women like tiger style in a nail design. Partly because all the ladies – cats in heart and in real life are very fond of all members of this family. Tiger nail art is a very expressive and unique design creates the impression sexual hunters. Even… Read More →

Natalia Ionova appeared on an interview with the magazine HELLO! in the cosy a white sweater, jeans, no косметитки and her hair in the image of the mischievous teenager. The singer told about raising children, work, family life and his childhood. About your day Today at 8 a.m. me in the room ran Lida and Read More →

Эмма Стоун и Эндрю Гарфилд на фотоколле "Нового Человека-паука 2"

Emma stone, Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx visited фотоколл Thriller “the amazing spider-Man 2” in Los Angeles. The premiere will take place next spring.

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Айрленд Болдуин: "Мой отец Алек – не гомофоб и не расист!"

Айрленд Baldwin tried to defend his father Alec after the actor was accused of using foul language and гомофобских comments.

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