At the fashion week in Paris was presented a new collection of Kenzo spring-summer 2014. This time the collection has turned out not commercial – after all, such things are hard to sell, but they are very original. Conceptual geometrical forms, the game with a silhouette, a patch on the pants, a black-and-white minimalist show can be described as the collection of Kenzo. The highlight of the collection became the print resembling a hatch […] Read More →

Джастин Тимберлейк даст концерты в России

In 2014 Justin Timberlake was the first to come to Russia. The singer will give a concert in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thanks for the news, blogger theurgie.

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The smile on nails (in other words – French manicure) looks impressive, but it is restrained and elegant. For the professionals of this type of manicure – lesson easy. But the fans will just have to learn the skill. The smile on the nails does not lose its popularity, even… Read More →

Кара Дельвинь: "Я бы могла сбрить волосы и брови, набрать лишний вес"

Kara Дельвинь became the heroine of a fresh issue of ID. In an interview with the model described the work in the cinema, and the sacrifices that it is ready to go for the role.

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"Любовь в большом городе-3": новый трейлер

At the disposal of “Сплетника” was a new trailer ромкома “Love in the big city-3”. What adventures prepared Saint Valentine for heroes performed by Vera Brezhneva, Alexei party and others?

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Косметичка Сплетниц: базовый уход за волосами (продолжение)

The second part of the

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домашние маски для лица для мужчин


That we, by God, all about yourself and about yourself! If only we want to be forever young, beautiful, with a smooth and soft skin, that no прыщичка nor порочки nor морщиночки. Men, too, that grace is desirable, although they harshly about this is, in General, silent, looking enviously at our jars масочками and кремиками.

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You have beautiful long hair, that wonderfully look when you wear them loose over her shoulders. In seconds they can collect on the back of the head. But come summer, and in hot days you not once visited the idea does not make short haircut to make you cooler. For those who value their hair, Read More →

аппаратный педикюрThose who at least once has passed hardware pedicure, returning to it again and again. This enjoyable, safe, it is easy to maintain even the most problematic foot in the order that difficult to make the standard way of using water and trimming techniques. Pedicure can become a favorite procedure both for the owners of the complex processing stop, and all the rest, who is suspicious of the sharp subjects even in the hands of a professional.


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In the pursuit of a decent level of life of the modern person to have plenty to strain, both physically and psychologically. Most of us spend the majority of their waking time in motion by solving different problems of life. Salvation and the way of rehabilitation is sleep. But he can’t always be of high Read More →