Playful and relaxed collection from Diane von Furstenberg Resort 2014 looks very sexy and expressive. Summer collection consists almost entirely of dresses of different colors and shades, but always with adjoining silhouette. Colors and prints like a kaleidoscope, everyone can find a suitable combination. Photo collection of Diane von Furstenberg Resort 2014: Read More →

Дизайн ногтей According to the Feng Shui, each of our fingertips is responsible for a certain sphere of life. For example, the big finger of the right hand, is responsible for the events associated with the mental work, successful transactions, discoveries, failures and errors, as well as our victories. An integral part of… Read More →

прически на выпускной для длинных волосHairstyle for prom given not less important than beautiful dress. Already in the spring of Schoolgirls begin to think about what clothes they wear, and what kind of hair style will be better with him in harmony. Prom hairdos for long hair is very varied in style, and the right choice is very difficult, especially if the hair is from nature is beautiful, thick, shining health. They want not just beautifully put, but also to demonstrate their beauty and all the advantages. Fortunately, all this may combine in one hairstyle.


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Дизайн ногтей Us girls always want to be fashionable, stylish, and, of course, look well-groomed. One of the conditions for the perfect look is good manicure. Not all every two weeks visit manicure, but look attractive want absolutely everything. In this article we offer… Read More →

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Images of the new collection Escada Resort 2014 were very gentle and romantic. Shuttlecocks on skirts and blouses, dresses and transparent fabric – it all adds to the image of femininity and sensuality. But there are in the collection and business strict kits – elegant trousers, trendy jackets and jackets. Color – black and white ornaments and mint, vanilla shades. Photo collection Escada […] Read More →

pozvonok-rssIf you have a «sedentary» profession and strongly back pain, it is recommended to visit a neurologist. Neglected diseases of the spine can become a big problem. Read More →

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Дизайн ногтей Refresh image can easily funny manicure, such as nail design cherry. Its very easy to do, focusing on the photo, but it looks very fresh and nice. For this, you need lacquer three colors: white, green and red. The first thing накрасьте… Read More →