Michelle Obama joined the Association of American senior citizens

Мишель Обама вступила в Ассоциацию американских пенсионеров

In the day of his 50th anniversary U.S. first lady Michelle Obama joined the Association of American senior citizens. Thus, it joined Barack Obama.

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Street style celebrities: Jessica Alba in Santa Monica

Уличный стиль знаменитости: Джессика Альба в Санта-Монике

Yesterday Jessica Alba visited his office in Santa Monica. The 32-year-old actress wore skinny jeans, black cardigan, leopard belt and gold accessories.

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Hot scissors: salvation for brittle hair

горячие ножницыProbably not, women who would not dream of a luxurious head of hair. But the condition of the hair most of the leaves much to be desired: improper care, coloring, coloring, stress and bad ecology make hair split and lifeless. And the real salvation for such hair become hot scissors, who literally «seal» the ends of the hair, not allowing them to split.


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Family Rudkovskaya-Plushenko in the new issue of HELLO!: Sasha one year

Семья Рудковской-Плющенко в новом номере HELLO!: Саше один год

HELLO! in its new issue offers to your attention an exclusive report from the children’s holiday of a new home Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko.

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Calendar Сплетника": 7 the best films of Kevin costner

Календарь "Сплетника": 7 лучших фильмов Кевина Костнера

Today Kevin Костнеру celebrates its 59 years. SPLETNIK.RU congratulates actor with a birthday presents you the 7 best roles birthday.

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Miroslava Duma for Roger Vivier: new footage and video

Мирослава Дума для Roger Vivier: новые кадры и видео

In the network there are new footage and video from the shooting area of the advertising campaign of the brand Roger Vivier, the face of which was Miroslava Duma.

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Why smart nail Polish is it called?

This article will detail all the features and properties of the tool. It is not normal, as you first think, nail Polish. Smart enamel has not only preventive, and healing properties. Looks smart nail Polish, as… Read More →

Weekly battle covers: 13

Еженедельная битва обложек: 13.01—19.01

This week in “the battle covers met only three editions: HELLO!, OK! and Star of the Hit. We offer you to determine the best of the three.

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Birthday Kate moss got a new biography of the model

В день рождения Кейт Мосс вышла новая биография модели

Kate moss today marks the 40th anniversary, and to this event was timed to the release of a new book tells about the life of British top model.

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Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson at the screening of the movie "give me shelter

Ванесса Хадженс и Росарио Доусон на показе фильма "Подари мне убежище"

Last night in Hollywood hosted a presentation of the film “give me shelter”, starring in which performed Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson.

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