лечебная косметика проблемная кожаAcne skin becomes a real punishment for those who are «lucky» enough to be its owner. Increased oiliness and active acne in adolescence may later be replaced hypersensitivity and dryness in certain areas, but in a more Mature period of these problems are added age. Dermatologists sometimes shrug, because the problem skin disinfection fails – it is necessary to learn to live observing healthy lifestyle and providing regular care. The last is to visit a beautician and the use of means of medical cosmetics for skin problem.


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Purple nail design fit for owners of long nails. On short nails it is better not to do, because it will look a bit ridiculous. Today every lady can quickly and easily increase acrylic or gel nails. This manicure looks impressive with any design,… Read More →

Collection Akris spring-summer 2014 is the embodiment of new design solutions and architectural lines. And for good reason: this time the designer of the fashion house Akris Кримлер for his collection used the works of the legendary Mexican architect Luis Баррагана. The collection has turned out thematic – juicy colors, direct geometric lines. Are the models минималистичны and restrained, without any experiments. The highlight of the collection is the […] Read More →

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лечебная косметика ногиFeet are in need of care is not less than the person, but they often receive little attention. In the program-minimum for daily care should include a moisturizer for the feet, but he was not always available in cosmetic Arsenal. The anxiety we begin to beat when there is a problem, and requires no routine cosmetic treatments, and much more highly specialized. It can provide medical care for the feet, which the modern pharmacological and cosmetic market is much wider than many might imagine.


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The article tells about exactly what kind of strong French are considered fashionable this year. The article also consider, under what clothes fit a manicure. Bright French perfectly suitable for a beautiful and stylish clothes, various informal meetings and events. He… Read More →