Nail condition indicates the degree of well-groomed woman, but her health. And yellowness does not add to the shop, on the contrary, looks like such a sight, at least, not very appealing. This is not to mention the fact that the yellow nails on the hands and feet may indicate the flow in the body of serious diseases. What can […] Read More →

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Quality decorative coating for nail – Deposit beautiful manicure and well-groomed hands. And if stunning shades successfully combined with a health effect, this nail Polish is simply no equal. In our case we are talking about varnishes Sally Hansen, reviews of which abound on the Internet. On the website let’s talk more about this Read More →

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This time the designer Alberta Ferretti proposed new images and ideas for holiday in the collection Resort 2014. Note pantsuits arrow under chiffon blouses, dresses with зебристым print, extra long blouse with long Basques. Classical already become dresses by Alberta Ferretti short cocktail dresses, transparent chiffon dresses, as well as […] Read More →

As you know the perfect appearance requires consideration of many factors, of which is your beauty. First of all it relates to the slim and proportional figure, delicate features, beautiful skin, elegant clothing. Not the last role to play and nails,… Read More →

radical-pohud-rssThe majority of women who resort to drastic weight loss do not think about how much it’s harmful. We are going to cover in this article. Read More →

средства для тела из кухни


And re-engage with foreign Internet fields. This time the English beauty bloggers will share the secrets of cosmetics, cooked in the kitchen. The recipes are selected according to the principle of simplicity and low cost and the possibility to go right now to the kitchen and cook, without any additional problems and follow the General cleaning of the whole apartment.

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домашний салон красоты


Here and gone are the days when it was believed that the more obscure words in the composition of the purchased for a lot of money funds the tool better and certainly more effective. Now we all know what preservatives, silicones and other parabens, so now fashionable to treat your skin are only the means, the composition of which is clear and simple, for example, olive oil with oatmeal.

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