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духи Красная МоскваEvery year perfumers offer women new fragrances. But not all fashionable spirits are destined to join the ranks of the classics and remain popular for many years, as it was the most famous парфюму the Soviet era. Legendary «Red Moscow» perfume known, perhaps, to everyone: their name has long been a household.


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Fashion cloaks on the new season of autumn-winter 2013-2014 mantle in military style coats with the smell, raincoats-line beige. The main difference from the fashion coats of autumn-winter 2012-2013 appearance on the podium vast wealth of lacquer coats Bordeaux colors, black lacquer coats with collar and flared raincoats (sufficiently wide cut). Burberry Prorsum – master fashion […] Read More →

Фото красивого дизайна ногтей 2013Going to a party, you always want to look simply stunning. Beautiful make-up, a neat hairstyle, dress emphasizing all fine body shape, but… something was still missing. But not enough to all of this set of seductive women manicure! And not simple, but a beautiful manicure! So… Read More →

спрей с морской солью своими руками


Текстурирующие sprays with sea salt, able to create the effect of beach waves, today extremely popular and, as usual, roads. This will cost you 50 times cheaper groceries and that it is quite possible to be even 100 times better. But the proof is in the pudding.

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Трафареты для дизайна ногтейAny woman dreams of a beautiful manicure, but do not want or cannot go to beauty salons. Here are just at home cause a beautiful pattern on the nails can not every lady, because it needs at least to be able to decently… Read More →

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Something new and unusual in our way immediately becomes the subject of discussion in other people. However, such an interest only warms up our efforts to look original and unusual. One of the tools to create an image of a manicure and carefully designed. That such a monstrous, manicure, and do this, we will tell you on the website […] Read More →